Whole ‘Nutha Level

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At Freedom House Church we like to do crazy, over-the-top things! So our Freedom Rock camp for kids is no different! This year we have all the food, prizes, games, drama, and dancing like before BUT this year all the music is live and many of YOUR kids will be singing and dancing. Each and every kid will have the opportunity to come and enjoy hearing about Jesus in a fun, cool and radical way! This is truly a life-changing experience for all of the children who attend and all of the volunteers that it takes to pull of something this massive!

There are a few prize give-aways too!

1. If you come to Freedom Rock and bring the most friends, you and 22 of your friends will get to ride in this cool stretch Hummer Limo! Yep, its complete with neon lights on the floor and ceiling and leather seats! Every camp rocker needs one of those, right?

Want to see the interior of the limo? You will as it will be at Freedom Rock the very first night! Its unlike anything you have ever seen!

2. If you come every night you will get a ticket and every ticket you get goes into the drawing. We then will draw one winner who will win a trip for their family to Disney! Yep, that is what I said, a trip to Disney!

There are so many amazing things planned for your children! Don’t miss this! You will be sorry! Sign up online today and to get further details by visiting the link below!



We’ve Been Waiting For This!

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I cannot believe we are finally here! We are breaking ground this Sunday! Yep, Sunday, May 22, 2011, Freedom House Church is moving the dirt! It’s just the beginning of a crazy, fun adventure! I am way too excited!

So what will Sunday look like? We will be having ONE HUGE church service! We have an enormous tent that fits a few thousand, so we have room for you and your family. Pastor Troy will be speaking and our worship team will be doing their thing as well. We also have a lot of surprises planned after our church service but I can tell you a few things you will see on Sunday!

Ritas Italian Ice and Papa Johns will be on site to help with food. We also will have kettle corn, cotton candy, and tons of rides! We have pony rides and a petting zoo for the little kiddos as well as many other fun things for every age in your household! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS DAY IN THE HISTORY OF FREEDOM HOUSE! It will be spectacular!

The ONE BIG service will happen right across the street from our current location, on our nearly 30 acres of land. You will park where you normally do each Sunday and then you will walk over. If you  have small children or special needs, we will shuttle you over. We will also have police and a parking team to assist with vehicles but to avoid that you just have to arrive early and get your seat! Again, make sure you get there early to get your seat!

Here is the latest picture of YOUR new building!

You Won’t Soon Forget!

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This Mother’s Day is going to go down in the history books of Freedom House Church! So many amazing things are happening and I am just beside myself with excitement!

First, every single mother who shows up on Mother’s Day is going to get a gift and be honored but ONE MOTHER is walking away with a brand new car, $250.00 in gas, a 1-year service program and a 10-year/100,000 mile warranty! How cool is that?!

I have one other HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT to share on Sunday but I don’t want to let the cat out of that bag just yet, come Sunday and you will see what I mean! You can bet there will be pictures to follow!

Next, Pastor Troy will be out of town so there is a little sneaky fun happening in his absence! Let’s hope he doesn’t see this! I am sure there will be pictures of this, too!

Lastly, the message on Sunday will be sure to impact you. Here is a little sample:

Under The Broom Tree
Am I the only one? When Elijah felt scared and alone, he sat himself under a broom tree and cried out to God.
We’re sure any mom can relate! All mothers go though things, and we sometimes feel we’re the only ones who feel that way. It’s like we’re under the broom tree…except maybe ours is more like a broom than a tree!
No matter what stage of mothering you’re in, you’re not alone.

We will see you this Mother’s Day! Bring all the moms you know! You won’t soon forget this day!

The Angry Woman!

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I read this post from Jimmy Evans, founder and President of Marriage Today, and I thought it was amazing! It explains the reasons behind an angry woman. I pray it brings revelation and understanding to you if you are an angry woman or if you are married to an angry woman. Heck, even if you know and angry woman, its a great read! Read it!

After all my years of counseling couples, I’ve learned that a woman falls in love with a man who sacrifices to meet her needs. She also stays in love with this kind of man. In fact, nothing in this world can endear a man to a woman more than the quality of sacrificial love.

In the same way, nothing embitters a woman’s spirit more than a selfish or abusive man. Much of the spiritual decay in our society—including the breakdown of the family—can be attributed to selfish and abusive men.

When men change, so will our society.

I’m not just theorizing. I have personally experienced the reality of an angry and embittered woman. As sweet as Karen was on the day we met, she had turned into a very different person after only five years of marriage.

Instead of greeting me at the door with a kiss, she met me in the kitchen with a stare. Her “sweet nothings” at bedtime turned into complaints.

At the beginning of our relationship, I tried my best to win Karen’s heart. But by our fourth year of marriage, I’d stopped pursuing her at all. The little energy I did direct toward her was to meet my own sexual needs.

It wasn’t long before she began to complain about being used only for sex. I accused her of being unreasonable. I was wrong.

During those years, I worked, played golf, and went home expecting Karen to take the load off me. I intended to watch television and rest while she cooked, cared for the kids, cleaned the house, paid the bills, and did yard work. If she asked for my help with anything, I got annoyed and told her how tired I was.

Then, when I requested sex, she got annoyed and told me how tired she was. A woman is a reflection of her husband.

I was lazy. I took Karen for granted. I was a chauvinist. Without even realizing it, I had adopted an attitude that women were not as important as men.

I am ashamed today that I ever believed those lies, but that attitude fueled my neglectful, selfish behavior. The angry woman in my house reflected her unrighteous husband.

Am I saying that women don’t have minds of their own? That all a wife does is react to her husband?

No. That’s the last thing in the world I’m trying to say! Women were created by God as equal to men in every spiritual, moral, and intellectual sense. Emotionally and physically, women are not inferior or superior—they are just different.

Even though women are perfectly capable of controlling their behavior and making their own decisions, they are not immune from a destructive husband. The emotional agony, insecurity, and suffering caused by the men in their lives can take a very serious toll.

That is why God’s plan for husbands—for men to love their wives sacrificially, “as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” (Eph. 5:25)—is so important. Nothing reverses the course of a destructive husband and a failing marriage like a commitment to Christlike, sacrificial love.

If a husband loves sacrificially and a woman reflects her husband, then her life will reflect the character of Christ. There is no better hope for hurting marriages.

The Fashion Shift!

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I love fashion and watching trends is just great fun to me. I want to share some trends with you that have been leading the way right now and some trends that have ceased. I think it’s always fun to stay up with the latest. In matters of the heart we must always remain constant but in matters of fashion, let’s change and stay current! Of course only as much as our budget will allow!

Trend #1

From french nails to short, neutral nails. You see this everywhere. Of course square nails would be appropriate, round shaped went out years ago. If you struggle to let go of your round nails then compromise and get a square nail with a rounded corner to help you transition. There’s always a compromise!

There are lots of neutral shades. Pick one for you. Simple and clean.

  • The French look. Graphics on your clothing is gone but as usual is has never been fashionable on your nails. Simple is key.
  • Trend #2

    From graphic T’s to plain and simple, just one color T’s. No more wings, swirls, crosses, etc.

    The new trend is fitted not baggy tees, so your workout really does show! Its all about fitted!

    This was the graphic tee look.

    Trend #3

    Straight, dark washed, slim-line jeans. No more blinged out pockets or embroidered pockets. A sleek European look is what is in. Very simple and clean looking.

    Simple colors, clean lines and a tailored look is whats hot!

    The sparkly, blinged out phase is gone. Here is an example.

    Trend #4

    Chucks are out. The younger kids can wear them but the adult version is gone. Instead, ankle boots, half laced are all the rage.Some people prefer to wear Tom’s but I dont think I would invest in a pair if I didn’t already have them. I think their time is coming.

    There are lots of varities of these, here is just one to show you.

    The good ole faithful "Chucks". Bye bye for grown-ups!

    Trend #5

    Fashion for your home is fun too. Colors this year are blues, grays, and oranges. Fun but still with a hint of earthiness. My home sure does need a fashion boost!

    Great use of neutrals with a punch of blue!

    Great example of a neurtal wall with a punch of color provided by the accessories.

    Trend #6

    Another tip for your home is this. Stay neutral with you wall and your flooring. If you are one who likes color, like I do, then bring it in with pillows, pictures, and fabrics. Keep walls and floors basic and it will help you when it comes time to sell. It also allows you to change out a few pillows when trends shift!

    Let’s Go Ladies!

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    Freedom House ladies, here is your time to shine! Let’s all gather together and hit the road for a great women’s event! Pack your bags for Atlanta and be a part of the Resilient Conference! Here are the details! Come and join me at Victory World Church, which is our sister church! You will have an amazing time!

    Ladies, Discover Your Joy, Strength & Dignity

    For many, the sight of a butterfly triggers joy at its beauty and conveys a sense of dignity. At the same time, we admire its strength – it is no small feat to emerge from a chrysalis and take flight.

    Joy…Strength…Dignity…these are also the characteristics of a resilient woman…and the theme of this year’s Resilient Women’s Conference with Pastor Colleen Rouse and Special Guest, Christine Caine – author, speaker, pastor and founder of the A21 Campaign against human trafficking.

    Senior Pastor, VIctory World Church

    Hillsong Church, Sydney Australia

    Ladies, we invite you to join us for inspirational messages, passionate worship – led by Beckah Shae – door prizes, games, refreshments and more as we celebrate and become Resilient Women.

    Simply grab some other ladies and hit the road! All you have to do is find a hotel Firday night and some friends to take the trip with you. Why not take the day off work and enjoy some relax time before the conference begins? The schedule for the weekend is up to you. You can find fliers for the event in the lobby of FHC.

    There is no charge for this event. Instead, we’re asking everyone to bring canned goods  to donate to the Norcross Co-op (especially canned meats, tuna, pasta sauces, peanut butter and jelly), and a love offering will also be received. Also, you must register and be present to be eligible for door prizes – including an iPad & a Kindle.

    Friday, April 15th @ 7pm
    Saturday, April 16th @ 9am-noon

    Victory World Church
    5905 Brook Hollow Parkway
    Norcross, GA 30071

    (770) 849-9400 telephone
    (770) 849-9500 fax

    Go to http://www.Victorywc.org to register for this FREE event!

    Vertical Youth!

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    Vertical Youth is the place to be on Thursday nights! It’s rockin’, it’s hoppin’, and it’s alive with young people who are making a difference in their world! Check out these teenagers leading worship!

    I was just thinking about how much my son has been touched by being apart of such an awesome ministry.  I am also reminded of the incredible impact the leaders have had on him as well. Vertical has some of the best leaders I know! If your teens are a part, you already know what I mean! If your teens are not, then they need to find out!

    Here are a few pics from our latest Vertical night! The place came unglued! The VIP lounge they made for first time guests was ingenious, too! The teens loved every second of it!

    I could go on and on, hopefully you get the point! Get your teens to Vertical every Thursday at 7!

    The other side of the room was packed out too! Teens all up in the corners and down the sides! Love it!

    Here is Pastor Cliff praying over the teens as the night kicks off! If you have any questions about Vertical contact capugh@freedomhousechurch.org for more info!