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I co-pastor Freedom House Church in Charlotte, NC, with my husband Troy. We have a blast serving the Lord together. Our kids serve along side of us too. We have three children, son Colby, and daughters Cabell and Cassidy. They make me laugh and they make my life so rich. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!! Oh yeah, and they would not let me forget about our peekapoo, Snickers. He is a little mischievous but that is ok. We just dont leave any shoes in his sight!

So what else about me? I love people! I have never met a stranger, so guess you all are instant friends of mine; this blogging thing should be fun! I love to see people living free and learning how to have healthy, authentic relationships. My heart’s desire is to see your God-given dreams come to pass, whatever they might be.

I enjoy shopping, and should this ever become an Olympic sport, I am trying out! There is an art to it ya know. I also enjoy boating, traveling, decorating, cooking and hanging with my friends and family. Does dressing up my girls count as a hobby? If it does, that is one too. I could not wait for the day I had a little girl so now that I have two, I am teaching them the value of a good pair of shoes and a handbag! Ha ha! My son Colby likes to wrestle me down to the ground and show me that he is way taller than me now. Yeah, still getting use to that one. It’s all good though. I can still take him even though he is almost 6 feet tall!

I look forward to hearing from you! Make sure to comment on my posts!

18 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I’m impressed..maybe at almost 60 I will try my hand at blogging!
    Doing a great job in Charlotte….blessings, pc

  2. Hey… got your comment and I had to come right over… I think we are a lot alike… WOW! I couldn’t wait to have a girl too! I just love the name Confessions… so much because I want to share my life with people in hopes that they will share their life with me. I love people so much… We will have to talk more… Nice to meet you Penny… glad we are not strangers… I love that!

  3. PC you should try blogging, you would be good at it. Almost 60? Didn’t we just have your 50th b-day? My time flies.

    Lori, right back at ya girl. Cannot wait to converse with you, I look forward to getting to be blog bff’s. (smile)

  4. Hello Pastor Penny…I miss FHC…I have to say I took the warmth and smiles for granted (especially the friendly banter between you and Pastor Troy before the sermon starts). You are a blessing and encouragement to me, and I appreciate you immensely…maybe I can be like you when I grow up (spiritually). By the way, I got you beat on the shopping — the gold medal would be mine hands down!

  5. I have just the opposite. I have two boys, Christopher and Nathaniel with one baby girl, Haylie Alycia. It is so funny how God works every thing out in the end. About 4 years ago I was finishing high school with no future in sight. I was looking at a blank sheet of paper when it came to my future. When you get to a place like that in your life I think it lets God work in us better sometimes than if we were fighting Him about it. So I let time run its course. Within three months and just in time I might add, I met and fell in love with my husband. He was the one who brought me to Freedom House and Freedom House brought me to where I am now. So thank you for all that you are doing in the church and in our lives. I have read the blog about Troy going to Guatemala. My oldest son (my step son) is part El Salvadorian (father) Guatemalan (birth Mother) and American. He has family that lives there, his grandfather, grandmother, and some aunts.

    I hope Troy has a good time and comes back spiritually and physically rested!

    All our love and prayers!

  6. Troy will be in El Salvador as well. That is where is is doing his resting and Guatemala is where he is ministering!

  7. I have two boys and a girl dog! I am new to FHC and look forward to each service. I just can’t wait to get there…Another member even complained that I was tailing them! I don’t deny it!

  8. Hello Pastor Penny I just want to let you know you are really looking good. Whatever you are doing keep up the good work. I always stop you and tell you how good you look. I just want to know if you can tell me what you are doing to loose the weight. Pastor Penny please email and let me know. I really need a little push with this weight thing. Thanks alot Desiree

  9. Hey there. This is Michelle Ragland/May. It has been years!?!?! You are looking great. I have two kids now, a girl Madison Elizabeth and a boy just born June 10 Jacob Daniel. Well my husband and I are at FLM now. Man have things have changed that is for sure. Well if we are ever in NC we will have to drop by and see you guys.

  10. I cannot believe that you have kids Michelle! You do need to come and visit us. It is not too far from you! Hope to see you soon!

  11. Hey Penny! Havent chatted in a while but had you on my mind and heart this morning so thought I would holler! You look great girl. Aysha told me you had a new look! All is well in Richmond, VA and Los Angeles,CA. I have grown men now so I can finally shop till I drop again. Send the family my love and keep on keepin on in the Lord. Love ya! Laurie Goodwin-Darrisaw

  12. Hi Pastor Penny, you are definitely looking great!! I would really like to know what you’re doing to get the weight off. I just recently had a baby and it seems like nothing is working right now. Can you please send me an email with some advice or what you’re doing so that I can get on track? Thanks. Have a Blessed day!!

  13. Hey Lisa, go under The Shrinking Pastor and you can see where I have chronicled my last eight months. Hope it helps!

  14. Hi Pastor Penny,
    I want to Thank you for the hug the first day that I was introduced to you. I look forward to seeing you and Pastor Troy at church on Sundays! Thank you again!

  15. Hi there! I saw your blog listed on another pastor’s wife’s blogroll (over at http://pantylesspreacherswife.wordpress.com/). I’m updating the League of Pastor’s Wives blog (http://league-of-pastors-wives.blogspot.com) and BlogRoll and wondered if you’d like to be included on the BlogRoll. Just let me know one way or the other. We’d love to have you join the list, as we connect to support one another on our ministry journeys.

    ~ Sweet Mummy

  16. Can I tell you what a refreshing your blog is?? I have been so longing to find another PW who deals with the meaty issues of church life and Christianity…I will be spreading the word about your blog…

  17. Thanks Cassandra! Being authentic is the only thing I have found that really helps people! I appreciate your heart!

  18. Hey Penny! Im happy that you are my instant friend! it was great getting to say hi the other sunday! Hope you have a great rest of the week! xoxo! love Ceirra Dillard.

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