Danny Gokey, John Gray, Ed Young, Troy Maxwell


This weekend, Freedom House is about to have it’s 10th anniversary as a church. We have a HUGE weekend planned and I wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

Saturday, September 8th, 7:00 pm American Idol finalist, Danny Gokey, kicks off our celebration weekend. John Gray, who is not only an amazing comedian but phenomenal preacher, will be closing out the night. We also have a special gift for every single person that night. Its our way of saying, “Thank you for being part of the story.”

September 9th, all 3 morning services, (9, 10:30, 12) we will be celebrating with your whole family. Not only do we have surprises for the adults, but the children as well. Pastor Troy will be sharing with us 10 Lessons he’s learned in the last 10 Years pastoring Freedom House.

Sunday night we have Ed Young in the house all the way from Dallas, Texas, 7 pm. He has one of the most creative and influential churches in the country.  Immediately following the Sunday night service we will have a huge fireworks show to close out the evening! We also have a gift for you then, as well.

We especially want to thank all of our volunteers for all you do each and every week, without you, there would be no Freedom House. Please be checking your mailbox for a special gift from us to you.

If you are a leader at Freedom House, we wanted to honor you with a special gift to show our appreciation for your dedication and your sacrifice. Be on the lookout, check your mailbox. Again, we honor you for ALL you do. You mean the world to us.

Hope you are ready to celebrate. It will be unlike anything we have ever done before. Lots of surprises to come! I can’t wait!

*****I do know the Saturday night event is at capacity and alternate seating is being discussed. Please watch the website for details. Sunday night had a few seats left, hope you are the one that grabbed them.


~ by pennymaxwell on September 6, 2012.

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