He Got Me Good!

As many of you have seen both my girls do competition cheerleading. They love it and they get to travel with their team quite a bit. My middle school daughter, Cabell, also cheers for her school. It was a pretty crazy year keeping up with all of the schedules!

The first parent meeting of the year was one I won’t forget. I couldn’t go and I don’t really remember why but Troy went in my place. While he was at the meeting that night he saw a great need for a parent to step up. They needed a team mom to arrange all the meals for the year. The girls had four games a week and were pretty hungry after school, so it was important for a parent to step up and take on this responsibility. No one did.

Troy came home from the meeting that night and announced to me that he was the “team mom” in charge of the food! I thought it was the funniest thing in the whole world but you know what? He did it the whole season and did a great job. I was really surprised! (Sorry, Honey, but I was!)

When I asked Troy why he did it he simply said, “Cause they needed the help.” I love that about him. He made a great cheer dad! All of the girls loved him!

So my son’s high school football season started already this summer. Yes, I know it is crazy but they start very early in high school sports. Their first game is in early August. Two weeks ago they had a parent meeting. I couldn’t go. They needed a parent to step up and run the concession stand. Troy stood up and said, “My WIFE will do it!”

Guess he learned a lot! Guess I did too! I won’t miss another team meeting for my kids! Just look for me in the concession stand! Oh that funny husband of mine! He got me good!

~ by pennymaxwell on June 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “He Got Me Good!”

  1. That is so awesome Pastor Penny!!! What an amazing hubby and dad Pastor Troy is. I am honored to have both of you as Pastor’s!!! Your all around great people!!! I hope it goes well for your with your concessions!!
    I was working at Jianna’s swim team concessions last night and that was hard work. It is so fun connecting with people though and your so gifted in that.

  2. That’s funny! Way to step up PT! Have fun in the concession stands. Oh, the things we do as parents. 🙂

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