Get Fresh!

I love to eat fresh things and one of my favorite is fresh herbs from my garden. Before you think I have a green thumb, let me fill you in. I have an herb garden that is in pots on my back deck. I did it because not only are all of the pots beautiful to look at and decorative but they are all functional as well. I can eat them!

Basil. It is great in anything Italian.

I hope that I can convince you to give this whole herb garden thing a try. It is so much cheaper than buying them at the grocery store and if you grow them yourself, you can have organic, fresh herbs that will last you all summer long and because they are in pots you don’t have to keep weeding them. Now that is pretty cool to me!

Chives. They are great on baked potatoes and anything you want to add a mild onion flavor to.

When you want to use any of your herbs, you just simply snip off the portion you want and where you snipped will grow back again and again.

Cilantro. Great on anything you want to have a South of the Border kick to it.

Some herbs, like rosemary, oregano, and chives, will continue to come back year after year if you simply water it regularly.

Rosemary. Has a strong flavor, a little of this goes a long way. Lamb, chicken, sauces.

Rosemary stays green all year long so you can use this herb even in the middle of winter. It grows huge. As a matter of fact, I put it in my yard too so it could get really big and it would smell great when I walk in my back yard.

Dill. Great on seafood, chicken, in potato salad.

One of the other things I love about fresh herbs is the fact I can sneak in even more greens into my kids diet! I love that!

Thyme. I use this herb the most. It goes into all of my soup recipes, just for starters.

My kids also love to snip the herbs when its time to make recipes. It has really helped my girls get excited about helping in the kitchen. They can name all of the herbs just by looking at them. As soon as I start making a dish, they know which herbs to go and harvest. Yep, it’s even educational. 🙂

Oregano. Great on anything Italian.

I hope you give this simple herb garden a try. Your yard will look beautiful, your food will taste yummy and your family will be eating healthy things.

Parsley. This herb goes on everything, no limit.

Feel free to try herbs you may like, that suit your tastebuds. I have all the ones I use on a regular basis right at my disposal. The only one I am missing is bay leaf. I heard that Christie’s nursery in Concord has a bay bush but I have yet to get one.

Let me know if you are thinking about trying it or if you have any questions or suggestions.

~ by pennymaxwell on June 4, 2012.

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