I Just Can’t See Myself

I always proofread my children’s projects before they turn them in. Inevitably, there are always spelling and punctuation mistakes to find. I usually circle them and then get them to correct the mistakes. My husband will often give me items he has written so I can look over them as well. Like the kids, I usually fix the mistakes and give it back to him.

Often times when I am reading articles on the Internet, I do the same thing. I find mistakes. Whether they are on a street sign, in a church bulletin or the newspaper, I just see misspellings and things that need to be corrected.

The other day I wrote a blog and looked over it for any spelling mistakes or punctuation errors. I mean I am not the best editor in the world but some things are just plain obvious, ya know? Well, I didn’t see any so I posted my blog and once it went up I read it again.  It’s kind of a proud moment when you hit that button and share your thoughts with the world.

As I read through my blog post again, I noticed a spelling mistake. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t catch it. I quickly fixed it and then returned to the page again to make sure that it was corrected. As I read through it again, I noticed another error. I had left a word out accidentally.  Astonished that I had not caught that one either, I quickly corrected it and then went back to the blog to make sure it was fixed.

Then it really hit home to me as I read through my blog one more time, my blog post was filled with lots of mistakes. I had punctuation errors, spelling errors, I had left words out, used other words incorrectly, and the like. You name it and I had done it. My 5th grade English teacher would not have been very happy. I just didn’t know how I made all of these mistakes without catching it. Until………

What was the problem? I found it so easy to point out what was wrong with everyone else’s issues, but couldn’t see my own. No matter how many times I initially looked over my blog myself, I never saw the mistakes that were so easily seen when I looked at other people’s things. I was somehow blinded to my own issues; I had skipped over them.

Why was this the case? Well, I remember something Joyce Meyer once said. She said, “We judge others based upon their actions but we judge ourselves based on our intentions.” In other words, the same scrutiny that I was looking at everyone else with, I wasn’t willing to look at myself with.  I knew what I “meant to” say. I knew what I “wanted to” say. So, in my mind, that is what I DID say, even though it was wrong.

It is amazing how I can fine-tooth comb someone else’s life but not my own. I give myself a break because I know what I “meant to” say or “thought” I said but then when it comes to others, I don’t give them that same leniency. Funny how that is, isn’t it?

So what will help this? Well for starters, what if in my life I gave others the same leniency I gave myself? What if I was just willing to skip over their errors and ignore them? I don’t just mean in spelling mistakes and papers, I mean in life itself.  This really has little to do with spelling mistakes and more to do with tendencies I think we all have, to find fault with and critique others.

Next, what if I allow someone else to proofread the pages of my life privately before I hit the “post” button publically. There is so much I just can’t see unless someone else is invited in to help. Had I have had someone proofread my blog, they would have caught the errors that I didn’t. They would have seen what I couldn’t.  They could have given me some direction when I was lost in the belief that my misspellings and punctuation errors didn’t exist. Sometimes, I just can’t see myself.

Now what will you do? Will you look for errors in this post or will you read your own life’s pages?

Did the words I write resonate with you at all? Have you ever been like me?

~ by pennymaxwell on March 4, 2012.

2 Responses to “I Just Can’t See Myself”

  1. As a blogger and writer, Penny, I find myself facing the same thing you did the other day. The words you share on this is truly something a truth that I have noticed over the past year of blogging. And no matter how long I blog, I still need to edit myself…and have someone else many times edit me. I run most of my posts by my husband before I even go live with them…especially if I believe I need a discerning voice to keep me in line. I am thankful I have done this, for if I haven’t…I couldn’t have been corrected. And once I am complete with my draft for me book, it will be going to an editor…for I need another discerning party to look over my story, words and thoughts to help me keep in line with the intent of the book, as well as tell it in a wording that reaches the audience in a manner that is not only truthful, but relevant as well. That is why we need editors…they are necessary in our lives; and we can edit ourselves some of the time, but most of the time, we need someone else’s help in this area.

    I know you know this, but one verse that sticks out to me constantly is Prov. 5:6…for us not to lean on our own understanding. Your hubby’s sermon the other day reminded me of this verse I too easily can forget in my proud moments.

    Thanks for a great reminder with this post, Penny.

    • haha And here, is a perfect example…I just re-read my comment here and noted MANY errors. The great thing about this, it reminds me I am quite human…make many errors…need correction constantly…and to learn from my mistakes. The cool thing? Even in still slipping at times, there is grace to always grow in Him! Talk about freedom! 🙂

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