Whole ‘Nutha Level

At Freedom House Church we like to do crazy, over-the-top things! So our Freedom Rock camp for kids is no different! This year we have all the food, prizes, games, drama, and dancing like before BUT this year all the music is live and many of YOUR kids will be singing and dancing. Each and every kid will have the opportunity to come and enjoy hearing about Jesus in a fun, cool and radical way! This is truly a life-changing experience for all of the children who attend and all of the volunteers that it takes to pull of something this massive!

There are a few prize give-aways too!

1. If you come to Freedom Rock and bring the most friends, you and 22 of your friends will get to ride in this cool stretch Hummer Limo! Yep, its complete with neon lights on the floor and ceiling and leather seats! Every camp rocker needs one of those, right?

Want to see the interior of the limo? You will as it will be at Freedom Rock the very first night! Its unlike anything you have ever seen!

2. If you come every night you will get a ticket and every ticket you get goes into the drawing. We then will draw one winner who will win a trip for their family to Disney! Yep, that is what I said, a trip to Disney!

There are so many amazing things planned for your children! Don’t miss this! You will be sorry! Sign up online today and to get further details by visiting the link below!


~ by pennymaxwell on July 9, 2011.

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