The Fashion Shift!

I love fashion and watching trends is just great fun to me. I want to share some trends with you that have been leading the way right now and some trends that have ceased. I think it’s always fun to stay up with the latest. In matters of the heart we must always remain constant but in matters of fashion, let’s change and stay current! Of course only as much as our budget will allow!

Trend #1

From french nails to short, neutral nails. You see this everywhere. Of course square nails would be appropriate, round shaped went out years ago. If you struggle to let go of your round nails then compromise and get a square nail with a rounded corner to help you transition. There’s always a compromise!

There are lots of neutral shades. Pick one for you. Simple and clean.

  • The French look. Graphics on your clothing is gone but as usual is has never been fashionable on your nails. Simple is key.
  • Trend #2

    From graphic T’s to plain and simple, just one color T’s. No more wings, swirls, crosses, etc.

    The new trend is fitted not baggy tees, so your workout really does show! Its all about fitted!

    This was the graphic tee look.

    Trend #3

    Straight, dark washed, slim-line jeans. No more blinged out pockets or embroidered pockets. A sleek European look is what is in. Very simple and clean looking.

    Simple colors, clean lines and a tailored look is whats hot!

    The sparkly, blinged out phase is gone. Here is an example.

    Trend #4

    Chucks are out. The younger kids can wear them but the adult version is gone. Instead, ankle boots, half laced are all the rage.Some people prefer to wear Tom’s but I dont think I would invest in a pair if I didn’t already have them. I think their time is coming.

    There are lots of varities of these, here is just one to show you.

    The good ole faithful "Chucks". Bye bye for grown-ups!

    Trend #5

    Fashion for your home is fun too. Colors this year are blues, grays, and oranges. Fun but still with a hint of earthiness. My home sure does need a fashion boost!

    Great use of neutrals with a punch of blue!

    Great example of a neurtal wall with a punch of color provided by the accessories.

    Trend #6

    Another tip for your home is this. Stay neutral with you wall and your flooring. If you are one who likes color, like I do, then bring it in with pillows, pictures, and fabrics. Keep walls and floors basic and it will help you when it comes time to sell. It also allows you to change out a few pillows when trends shift!


    ~ by pennymaxwell on April 11, 2011.

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