Vertical Youth!

Vertical Youth is the place to be on Thursday nights! It’s rockin’, it’s hoppin’, and it’s alive with young people who are making a difference in their world! Check out these teenagers leading worship!

I was just thinking about how much my son has been touched by being apart of such an awesome ministry.  I am also reminded of the incredible impact the leaders have had on him as well. Vertical has some of the best leaders I know! If your teens are a part, you already know what I mean! If your teens are not, then they need to find out!

Here are a few pics from our latest Vertical night! The place came unglued! The VIP lounge they made for first time guests was ingenious, too! The teens loved every second of it!

I could go on and on, hopefully you get the point! Get your teens to Vertical every Thursday at 7!

The other side of the room was packed out too! Teens all up in the corners and down the sides! Love it!

Here is Pastor Cliff praying over the teens as the night kicks off! If you have any questions about Vertical contact for more info!

~ by pennymaxwell on March 18, 2011.

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