Overlooked By God!

I had something happen the other day. At first you might think it was a little silly, but then you might find yourself not far off from this thought either.

I was leaving Harris Teeter and to my delight there were rows of bubble gum machines lining the exit. For those of you who know me, you know that I have a bubble gum fetish. Yes it’s weird but I do. I love bubble gum and especially the kinds you find in the bubble gum machines with the crunchy outer-shell.

This was pure utopia! It was as if the clouds parted and the violins played in the background when I saw those machines. The best part was that my favorite flavor, orange, had its very own machine. There was one whole machine just for me and it was filled with orange gumballs. How glorious this was! Anticipation was building! Where is my wallet with my quarters?

I quickly pulled out my wallet. I was like a little girl in, well, a candy shop. I inserted the first quarter into the machine with the orange gumballs. Here she comes! I heard it drop!

I opened up the flap and there sat a white gumball. What a fluke! Was it an albino gumball? I dug for another quarter and heard it hit the metal. Time to lift the flap for my delicious gumball!  It was green!

By this time I was getting a little angry. How in the world could these colors come out of a machine with all orange gumballs in it? I said quietly to myself, “Figures this would happen to me!”

Third time is a charm, right? Nope. Pink. Why is this happening? Who is playing a cruel joke on me? Yep, I was just mad enough to try again and again. I got another white one and a yellow one, all from the orange gumball machine. It made no sense.

After WASTING $1.25 I was pretty hot and felt like I had gotten ripped off. As a matter of fact I felt my heart quietly whisper, “This is always what happens to me. I always feel like I get the short end of the stick.” It was ever so soft, but I heard my thoughts express it. I felt slighted and without knowing it I was inadvertently blaming God. It really wasn’t about gumballs but a little seed I let sit in my heart. It was a seed of “God somehow was forgetting about me”. I felt like I had a right to pitch a tent and camp there in my mind. After all, who gets 5 gumballs that aren’t orange from a machine that only seemed to have orange gumballs in it?

Just then I noticed a machine that required 2 quarters to get one big gumball. I remember being a little bit sarcastic in my thinking and in my self talk said, “Well, even though there is not an orange one in sight in this machine, at least it’s a big one and I have already wasted $1.25, why not make it $1.75 while I am on this amazing roll?”

I pulled out those 2 quarters and heard the familiar clink. I opened it up to see my gumball. What happened surprised me greatly. Not only was there one huge ORANGE gumball, but the machine accidentally gave me two ORANGE ones! Yep, they both happened to be orange and I got 2 of them when I should have gotten only one! What?

I felt God say, “Even when it comes to gumballs, don’t ever think you are overlooked! I always got you even when you don’t feel like I do! You are never forgotten!”

Now I know that the whole gum thing may not resonate with you but surely the thought that somehow God has overlooked your situation has weighed heavy on your heart. If he cares about silly, orange gumballs, surely he cares about the weighty matters that are on our hearts. He surely cares about that bill you need paid. He surely cares about the relationship you lost. He surely cares about addiction that seems to hang over you. He surely cares about the dreams that have yet to be lived out in your life. He surely cares about the loneliness you feel. He surely cares about the pain you have experienced in life. God has not forgotten you even if it feels like he has.

Let’s not let a situation that does not turn out the way WE think it should dictate God’s motives to us. His motive is always love. There is always a giant bubble gum machine waiting with more than enough of what we need. He is just that kind of a God. Let’s never, even subconsciously, reduce his love to a situation again. God is love!

Oh and for the record, my jaw hurts! Here is the pic!


~ by pennymaxwell on March 10, 2011.

5 Responses to “Overlooked By God!”

  1. Great post girlfriend. next time share the gumballs…gosh!

    • After hearing your gumball story, I had a similar situation happen to me. It was Mother’s Day and I didn’t want to cook. I decided to stop by KFC to get chicken. Mind you that every time I stop at this KFC, they always mess up our order. Normally I ask for a glove to check and make sure it’s all there. Before I got the order I convinced myself not to check it. At the last minute something said check it. CHECK IT. So I did. Guess what they did again ” messed up the order.” I didn’t get angry, I was very calm when I was told I had to wait for the rest of my order. So yes we got extra chicken so I didn’t have to cook at all that day.

  2. I love personal stories like this. Really shows how much God loves us and His faithfulness to us. Thank you so much for sharing! Blessings..

  3. What a great story. This will preach all day long to Never give up, that God’s timing isn’t our timing, and that you may have to invest more for longer but the return is bigger and twice the size!! Awesome!!

  4. You had posted something on my facebook post about Orange gumballs and I just now read this blog. And it could not have come at such a more precious time in my life. Being pregnant, and unwed (again!) I feel like I’m such a complete failure and that no matter what happens to me, everything is bad, and I deserve it. Why would God take the time out for me to take care of my needs when I haven’t done what I should have done from the beginning? I have felt so abandoned and lonely these past few weeks….even to the point where I wish I would have chosen the abortion over the pregnancy. (Which was what I almost did in November, but didn’t.)

    This post reminded me that God HAS NOT forgotten me and my faith should not be based off of my feelings; but by what I know to be true…which is HIS love. Thank you Penny.

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