Lessons in Church Building

Today our staff was honored to have Pastor Steve Kelly, from the Wave Church in Virginia Beach, Va. with us. He shared from his heart about the changes that we would undergo as a church this year as we build our first building and as we expand our campuses. He also shared with us some dangerous mindsets we need to let go of to embrace the next level and things he encountered as he moved into his new church building.

I thought it would be helpful for all of you who have planted churches, serve on teams, are in positions of leadership and the like to hear some bullet points from his time with us today concerning the local church. It was powerful. Here they are:

-You will face greater resistance with new ground. Be ok with that. It’s part of the growing process.

-Strengthen the troops. Don’t think just because you won’t be setting up and breaking down that the fight is over. It’s just begun and lives are at stake. You will have new areas that need attention.

-Anything that can be shaken will be shaken.

-Change is normal. Embrace it.

-Submission to leadership is not proven in agreement. It’s your job to submit to the leader’s vision. Not the other way around.

-Your destiny is connected to your leader. Don’t walk out because it’s hard or difficult. You will sabotage your future.

-If you’re on a team in your church and you are the youth pastor. You do not work for the youth. You work the senior pastor and serve the youth. Same with any position. You work for the senior leader and serve the church. Your loyalty lies there.

-The problem is seldom what usually presents itself. If you dig deeper, the root issue is usually not what is first exposed.

-In Numbers 12, God spoke to Aaron and Miriam and said, “When were you not afraid to speak against My Servant Moses?” Don’t speak against your leader. Read the rest of the chapter to see what happens when you do that.

-We should have a God-ordained attachment to our church, our leaders, the vision of the House.

-Sick fish are still better off in the water. You take a sick fish out of the tank, he dies. If you are sick, stay in church, stay in the water. Just get the help you need.

-If you don’t grow with us, you don’t stay with us. God is all about growing us. Will you be a leader who will grow with the growth?

-Be a leader worth being loyal to.

-A healthy body rejects splinters and pushes them out. Let it be ok that splinters will be pushed out, it’s a natural process. Also be careful of splinters that are so deep  you don’t want to remove them because it’s painful. (It’s harder to remove one that is deep.) The deep one will eventually get infected and will hurt the whole body if not removed .

-Don’t hire people for today hire people for the future or your church will outgrow their capacity.

-Growth is not punishment it’s a reward. Don’t complain about all the kids in kids church. It’s a blessing if your attitude and heart are right.

-Find areas where there are Contradictions to Culture. It will only heighten in the new building if not addressed. For example, if you double your seating capacity, make sure your leaders can handle the growth. An usher that can handle a 500 seat sanctuary might not be able to handle a 1000 seat sanctuary. You must address that because if you have a culture of excellence, it won’t come across as that if you don’t sure up some things.

-Your words, your gestures, and your spirit show your heart. Make sure they line up with the House you serve in.

-Have a culture of honor and God will bless you.

~ by pennymaxwell on February 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Lessons in Church Building”

  1. Dang, that’s some great stuff . . . wish I could have head that first hand. Either way, those are fantastic truth’s. Thanks for sharing Penny!
    – KC

  2. KC, we will let you guys know next time! Would have loved to you guys join us! Steve was the Executive Senior Pastor at Hillsong for many, many years under Brian and Bobbie. Now has a thriving church in Va Beach. Its just like Hillsong USA. Its great! He is so full of wisdom. It was crazy good!

    I hope some of my blurbs did it justice. 🙂

  3. That is all excellent stuff even before the move even take place…long before it takes place! Excellent stuff…thank you for sharing. This one is bookmarked for sure! 🙂

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