Multi-Site Churches

As we expand Freedom House Church and add additional campuses, I have been reading lots of articles with opinions on how things should be done. I really enjoyed reading this one because it covers some basics. The thing that stands out the most for this role to me is someone who is a team player. Trust me when I say we have had people who were supposed to be on our team before who were not team players. Rather, they needed to call attention to themselves and use their platform (by the way which was GIVEN to them) in ways that were inappropriate.

If you put someone who has leadership potential in a position who is insecure, you will surely have trouble. I am so thankful for the team of people God has assembled at Freedom House Church and thankful for lessons learned in previous years.

Enjoy this article about multi-site churches! Get ready Freedom House Church, this is just the beginning! FOr all you other churches out there who are going multi-site, hope you find this helpful!

The following is a guest post from Jim Tomberlin, which appeared in REV! Magazine, July/August 2009.

Traits of a Gifted Campus Pastor

Having assisted many multi-campus churches across the nation, I have boiled down my answer to the following observations. Assuming that this individual is a spiritually mature person of character with a proven track record, an ideal campus pastor is someone who is a:

  • Catalytic leader: a high capacity, high energy, self-starter who not only gets things done, but makes things happen.
  • Team player: someone who people will follow, but who is willing to play second fiddle. Not a lone ranger maverick, but around them. They have a high “fun factor.”
  • Mobilizer: not only attracts followers but can turn them into teams of volunteers. The key to success in any staff position.
  • Multi-tasker: shows high capacity to juggle a lot of balls simultaneously and loves the juggling act.
  • Communicator: doesn’t have to be the world’s best Bible teacher, but is capable and articulate speaking to a room full of people.
  • DNA carrier: bleeds and defaults to the mission, vision, values, and senior leadership of the church.

Traits Not Conducive for a Campus Pastor

  • An overwhelming desire to preach: Someone who has to preach (unless you put them on the preaching or teaching team). If a person believes he or she has been called primarily to preach, he or she will not succeed as a campus pastor.
  • A passion for solo performance: An independent entrepreneur with the emphasis on independent.
  • A capacity for mixed agendas: Someone with an agenda other than reaching people far from God and growing a congregation. You don’t want someone whose agenda is not completely in tandem with the church’s.

Where Do You Find Campus Pastors?

The first place to look is internally. Who is on your staff right now who embodies your church’s DNA? Who has proven that he or she is ready for a new challenge? Who is the best person on your team? Lead out with that person.

If not on the staff, who is in your congregation that could transition into this role? There are high-capacity marketplace leaders sitting in your church who have the leadership gifts and your church DNA to be wildly successful as campus pastors.

The next best place to look is within the network of your own staff team.Whom do they know around the country who could be good campus pastor candidate for your church? Bring them on the team and incubate them. Take a year to train and acclimate them at home base before launching them into their own campus.

Are You Campus Pastor Material?


~ by pennymaxwell on September 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Multi-Site Churches”

  1. Penny,
    Glad you found my Campus Pastor article helpful. Thanks for sharing it on your blog.
    May God enlarge your borders in Charlotte!
    Let me know if I can serve you.
    Be fruitful and multiply,

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