Tell Me Now!

Ok I am hearing so many amazing stories about all the wonderful things that have happened at Kids Kamp over the last few days! It’s just the beginning too!

I want to hear from you some of your amazing stories that others may not have heard. It could be something adorable a child said, a moment that forever changed you or maybe even something you witnessed another volunteer do. I want to hear it all!

Sometimes in life significant things happen and I want to have a record of it. Please post your comments so others can hear too!

Here are just a few pics of all the fun!


~ by pennymaxwell on July 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “Tell Me Now!”

  1. My favorite kid quote of the week: “God’s Word is comfortable!” 😀

  2. My favorite parts have come from my own experience and the comments from my children and my niece. There is just so much pressure having hundreds of children screaming at you for Chadder! What if something happens to the video? What if the cable gets loose and we can’t find out if Chadder ever gets back his M&M’s?

    My favorite quotes by Olivia (it’s her first Kids Kamp!) are “I just can’t wait for it to start!”~said on Tuesday while driving to church and last night she told Leslie “I can’t wait to be a Parrot!” ~her crew name. My niece is 12 and visiting us this week. She is an assistant on a crew and in the car last night on the way home she told me she got really sad because she realized it was her last night with her crew and she is actually going to miss those kids!

  3. Earlier this Month when I signed up to volunteer as a Crew Leader at Kids Kamp, I was really worried. I mean REALLY worried. Since February, I’ve been working 70-75 hours per week & extremely stressed out for various other reasons. I had to reschedule the Training to the very last day of it as I kept getting caught at work. Several times I thought about telling Pastor Michael I couldn’t do it all because I didn’t think I could get out of work. But I didn’t want to let anyone down, mostly God, and knew that I had to try. So I signed up for 2 days plus Friday.

    I showed up Tuesday wound very tight, very tired. Honestly I was not looking forward to being surrounded by hundreds of little ones. I was flat out of energy. But something funny happened. After getting a crew of kids, my energy changed–namely, I suddenly had some! Within half hour I was jumping and playing and having a great time with those girls. I couldn’t wait for the next day. The heat didn’t bother me. Even when my very funny, very excited, conga-line dancing crew mutinied and soaked me with a massive super-soaking -aided by a pastors kid mind you :)- that totally ruined my hair, it didn’t bother me! Those youngin’s brought the kid out of me that I hadn’t seen in a long long time. Not sure if it’s supposed to be this way but it appears those Kids are serving me more than I’m serving them! Can’t wait to get there today!

  4. Ok so its so hard to choose what is my favorite thing from kids kamp this week. I will say this one really So during the altar call Thursday night when Pastor Clint asks do you know that God has a life changing gift that is far more worth than a trillion dollars?The lil 5yr old girl sitting in my lap looks up & says I know what it is. I say what is it?She says its LOVE…my heart melts than Pastor Clint says its Jesus & she says oh ya that too :). Than says the salvation prayer for the 3rd time this week. I ♥ Kids Kamp!!!!!!!!!touched my heart tho.

  5. Oh so much to say! For me it was seeing the relationships started by those serving together… seeing life go deeper with the volunteers – is a treasure for me! Seeing God’s body work together – each gift, each volunteer, each hour given – a vital part of showing God’s love to this city!

  6. While serving in Planet Zion today, I heard one of the kids from Kids Kamp say about his offering, “God has bigger plans for my offering money than I do!!!” Loved this!

  7. On Fri our big “Waterpark” finale’ we arrived early the kids wanted to go to the I sat there watching a shy but sweet couple sat and talked they said “this is great our kids love it ..they have never been to a Kids Kamp” we talked about FHC etc then we went inside by chance they sat in front of us..As Pastor Troy was on talking about Blondin {?} The father turned around and said “Is THAT the Pastor?? “..I said yes He said “He looks so young and cool” I said HE IS!! When PT asked if anyone wanted to know Jesus they both raised their hands and prayed to accept Jesus..!! It was by far my Favorite Kids Kamp moment…that was until I saw this family Sun at Church..They grabbed me and said “I told ya we would be here”..This is what it is all about…Kids Kamp at FHC is not inexpensive but HOW could we ever drem of putting a price on putting a beautiful family on the path to God…

  8. just heard not only did this family come Sun but they came up front for altar call….wow…New “family” gotta love that!

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