Got Strife In Your Life?

Do you have strife in your life right now? Have you had strife in your life in the past? Let me tell you how to get rid of it. It’s really simple. What is strife specifically? It is heated, often violent dissension; bitter conflict.

There are times in my life where there was strife and I could not figure out how to get free from it. The interesting thing is, the bible tells you how to get rid strife. You get rid of the talebearer, you get rid of strife. I know that the times in my life where I saw pockets of strife, there was always a talebearer at the root. Each and every time I can trace it back to a talebearer. So what specifically is a talebearer? It is a person who spreads scandal or tells secrets; gossip. Yep, unfortunately some people feel it is ok to take on that role and might even disguise it in the form of a prayer request. Just so you know, it can destroy people’s lives. I have witnessed people walk away from the Lord because talebearers decided to spread dissension. Don’t take part of that because you don’t want to be responsible from someone’s eternal life going in the wrong direction. The bible says it’s better to tie a millstone around your neck and drown in the depths of the sea than to cause someone to stumble. Be very careful!

Got strife in a family? Find the talebearer. Strife at work? Find the talebearer. Strife at school? Find the talebearer. Strife in the neighborhood? Find the talebearer. Strife at church? Find the talebearer. Wherever there is strife, it is the result of a talebearer. Sniff out the talebearer and strife will stop. It is that simple.

I have sniffed out talebearers before and how amazing it is that when they are gone, peace returns. Interesting how one talebearer can cause so much strife, isn’t it? I’m telling you, you have strife and there is a talebearer behind it every single time. Check out this scripture. It proves I am telling you the truth!

Where no wood is, there the fire goes out: so where there is no talebearer, the strife ceases. Proverbs 26:20

Now I am going to say something that may hit you funny at first but just hear me out. If you have internal strife in your heart, then YOU are the talebearer. Sometimes we believe lies about ourselves. We let the enemy convince us of things about ourselves that are not true. We lie about ourselves because we allow our thoughts to be controlled by the wrong things. We listen to the lies from the enemy and therefore we begin to strive with ourselves internally. Strife in your heart? YOU are the talebearer.

Believe what God has to say about you and get rid of the talebearer that is trying to rule your thought life. Get rid of that talebearer too and strife ceases. What God has to say about you is truth. If your thoughts don’t line up with God’s word, get rid of the talebearer and you watch, the strife will leave. Sometimes your thoughts lie. Take them captive.

Got strife in your life? I hope you figure out where the talebearer is! You will see peace enter when you remove the talebearer. You watch and see!

~ by pennymaxwell on July 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Got Strife In Your Life?”

  1. What a timely word!


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