Most Embarassing Moment?

Most of us can go back to a specific moment where we were embarrassed by something. Sometimes it is out of our control and well, sometimes it is just our sheer ignorance. I want to share with you my most embarrassing church moment. It is funny now but at the time caused me to turn three shades of red. It is hard to embarrass this chick, too.

So this particular Sunday we handed out note sheets. We have heard the statistics of people who take notes in church and the retention rate is incredible. So we got the idea to do note sheets each week and this was the first week we were doing that. We thought it would be amazing to have fill in the blanks of the messages and have it stir people to fill in those blanks and take notes of the message, thus retaining more of what they hear.

My husband explained that we were now going to be giving them out every week and to make sure they brought a pen. Well, I saw several people digging through purses and such looking for a pen. Just then I hopped up. After all, our neighbor who lives across the street had just given me a whole purse full of pens.

You see my neighbor worked for a big pharmaceutical company and was always bringing over water bottles, blankets, pens, cups, and the like with prescription names on them. There was always some drug he was marketing and we were often the recipient of his marketing tools.

So back to the story. Nobody had a pen and I had about 40 of them in my purse wrapped with a huge rubber band. I jumped up and began to pass them out. I thought I was so handy and efficient. Well, until…………

At the end of the service one usher was laughing really hard. He asked me if I knew anything about the pens I handed out. I had simply told him that a neighbor had given them to me. He informed me that I just handed out erectile dysfunction pens. They were all for a prescription called Cialis. I had no words. The pastors wife just became the Cialis poster child? How in the world did that happen? With a smile I handed everyone in church a pen toting the Cialis logo! Poor Troy! How was I ever gonna recover from that?

Do you need a pen?

Well that was a pretty embarrassing moment. Do you have one that sticks out to you?

~ by pennymaxwell on June 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Most Embarassing Moment?”

  1. Got one I will “out” on my husband…2 many for me I am notorious for this…One Sun last Nov prior to our vacation my husband was REALLY tired and we were sched to greet at front door of FHC well after a few “goodmorning great to see you” He turned to a lovely couple and said …drum roll..” Welcome to Chilis!”…I could not stop laughing..the couple looked around like hunh..where are we…LOL..Needless to say he got some much needed R&R in The Bahamas..LOL

  2. So my wife and I go to a “party” at a friend’s house. Most of the people there go to the same church as us. After dinner everyone starts piling into the living room which only has two small couches. I am on the end with my wife to the right of me and there are about 5 people on this couch made for 3. I am talking to a guy across from me on the other over populated couch and I reach down to rub my wife’s leg while I continue talking to this guy. After about a minute I asked my wife a question, but when I turned to ask her the question I realized I had reached right over my wife and was rubbing the woman’s leg next to my wife. I am stunned; I have done the ultimate NO NO. So I look at this woman without knowing what to say I ask (knowing the answer) “am I rubbing your leg?” By this time I am red, and I do not get flushed easily. She says “yes”. I am still back peddling trying to figure out a way out of this so people truly understand I did not mean to do this. So I ask “Why didn’t you stop me” She is also embarrassed, and I think she was scarred to say something so she just says “I don’t know, I guess it kind of felt nice” The guy I was just talking to was her husband. So I am just thinking the whole time, oh boy oh boy oh boy I hope this does not get ugly. After a moment the husband starts laughing, my wife gives me a smirk, and a jab to the ribs and the night went on. I took me a while to live that one down though.

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