I Tanked!

Some of you may know that about two years ago I got the Mono virus. Getting through that was a bit difficult as I could barely lift my head off the pillow most days. I struggled to do normal, daily activities. Things like packing my kids lunches or making my bed was just too exerting. My energy level was as low as it could possibly be.

Well since the time that I contracted the Mono virus, I noticed I had not been the same. I mean I was not as bad as I was, but I was not Penny Maxwell either. Exercising or exerting energy had to be done with careful consideration and is often followed by a nap. As a matter of fact, I had been to the doctor upwards of ten times making them recheck my blood because I knew something was off and they kept saying that I did not have Mono any longer. I began to become very frustrated because I knew something was off but my general doctor could not find anything. It left me feeling a bit hopeless. Think about it, you desperately want to live life but you just can’t and you have no explanation.

As a matter of fact, here are some of the symptoms that I had been experiencing.

-extreme fatigue all the time

-dizzy when standing

-feeling cold quite regularly

-needing caffeine to pick me up

-shorter fuse, agitated quicker

-hard getting up in am even after 8 hours of sleep

-short burst of energy late at night before crashing

-craving salt

-low blood pressure, low heart rate

-difficult time concentrating

-often feeling foggy in my brain


-flat-lined emotionally

Ok there are a few more but hopefully you get the point. I had not been the “full” me for a while. It was starting to wear me down because my doctor could not find anything wrong but I had definite symptoms of something being very wrong. I had just tanked.

This week I finally had a breakthrough. I consulted with some doctors in our church who told me about Adrenal Fatigue. They do not practice typical medicine so they looked at it from a different perspective. Adrenal Fatigue can usually be onset by something specific, like Mono or some other trauma. I had to find out more about Adrenal Fatigue. So, I set up an appointment to go in to the Naturopath doctor. He does tests and uncovers things most traditional doctors won’t consider or touch, they just are not trained to. I hit the jackpot!

I, in fact, do have Adrenal Fatigue and he did a battery of tests to help me walk through exactly what had been depleted in my body so it can be replaced. Your adrenals control over 50 hormones and if they are not working properly you will see the effects of it. It is like an air conditioner unit going at full speed when it is 100 degrees outside. If it keeps up with that pace it will soon crash. Well the Mono virus was making my adrenals run at a ragged pace, then I tanked. I just never came back. My air conditioning unit has been operating but the air never gets quite cold. It needed some freon put back in it so it would run at its optimal level.

So I am taking some all natural extracts and supplements to replace what the virus had wiped out. Can I just tell you how glad I am to finally have had someone be able to diagnose what is wrong? I was starting to get angry in my heart and I did not like what I was seeing in me. I felt trapped because the “traditional” doctors could not find a thing wrong. I left their office many times in tears asking them to redo the test. I knew something was very off. They could never find it.

Anyway, I wanted you all to know because I try to share my heart with you and let you know where I am at. Most people just don’t see me being exhausted and that is because I rest all day Saturday just to make it through Sunday. I hope to be through that shortly. My doctor feels like he can have all my levels back to normal in about 3 months. I am praying that is the case. So just get ready, get ready, get ready……….I’m coming back! 🙂

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for me and supporting me though this. Your prayers and your encouragement have meant more than you will ever know. I look forward to being 100% again. You guys are simply amazing!

~ by pennymaxwell on June 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “I Tanked!”

  1. Wow, Pastor Penny!! Just one more reason why I love being at FHC, the transparency that you, and Pastor Troy have is awesome. I appreciate that so much. I knew about the Mono, but I could not tell about the rest. You seem like such the fire cracker, so now I am looking forward to the healed you! Now, I know what to specifically pray about, for you..LOVE YOU MUCH!

  2. My dear friend Laura Tapp (Living Word Family Church Raleig, NC) shared this post with me. I jst had a hysterectomy and I appreciate your candor and suggestion. I will search for some as soon as Im back up again. My God give you the kinda strength it took to create the world –alot Im sure well no worries He has that strength. I love you sister.

  3. Hi Penney. Your symptoms sound a lot like chronic fatigue syndrome. If you find that you are feeling worse after exercise instead of better, that is a hallmark of CFS. I hope that all the things you found out about adrenal fatigue work for you and that you soon regain your health. Please, please, just be sure to put YOUR HEALTH first, and everything else second.



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