What You Don’t Know!

I understand that some people need to feel like the senior pastor has all the answers but we don’t and we shouldn’t. God has given us an amazing team at Freedom House Church and if you are ever tempted to think that one person should know it all, remember this article written by another leader. People who think big have no problem…..well,…..thinking big and letting other leaders lead. Moses realized he could not do it all and we need to understand that same principle.

I hope you don’t find yourself having all the answers. If you do, you can fix that. Enjoy.

What You Don’t Know by Tony Morgan

I’ve respected Craig Groeschel for several years. His ministry is having a big impact throughout the U.S. and across the globe. When I think of LifeChurch.tv, the first words that pop to mind are “innovation” and “generosity”. Among other things, they’ve completely flipped the model for resourcing other churches. With all that in mind, this story from Craig doesn’t really surprise me:

“It happened again the other day. We had a group of pastors visiting. When they started asking me questions, I deferred often to several trusted staff members.

“After about 30 minutes of looking to my team to answer questions, one pastor said, ‘Craig, there are a lot of things about your church that you don’t know!’

“When I told him ‘thanks,’ he seemed surprised.”

One of the ways I measure great leaders is by what they don’t know. If they know too much about what’s happening in their organization, I know they’re micro-managers. I don’t like working for micro-managers. Not many people do.

If you’re a leader, how much do you know?


~ by pennymaxwell on May 13, 2010.

One Response to “What You Don’t Know!”

  1. When we think our pastor’s “know all the answers” we set ourselves up for disappointment and failure. Our pastor’s are amazing and anointed called men and women of God. They are full of godly wisdom and direction for our lives and they are human. God is the only one who has all the answers. He gives the body each an anointing in specific giftings. The wise are those who know this!!!!

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