Together We Can Make A Difference!

Freedom House Church each year steps out and does something big. It is our Liberty Sunday and it is this Sunday! We designate dollars that come in to do very specific things to build God’s Kingdom. This year the money that comes in will go to the F, F, & E for our new building. We are expecting to break ground on it very soon. It will help with the furniture, fixtures, and equipment necessary to make Freedom House a home to many. We are so thrilled about that. As a matter of fact, the unveil of our virtual tour will be on Sunday. Yes, that is right, you will get a tour of our new building this Sunday! You are gonna love it!

Freedom House has always been a launching pad here in Charlotte to touch people all over the world. This Liberty Sunday will be no exception. We are taking 10% of whatever comes in and sending it right back out to help stop human trafficking. It is a serious problem and we can all do our part to rescue children. We can also do our part to have a place here in Charlotte where families can be set free and children can grow up in the things of God because we made a place for them here too. Help us help others!

This Sunday, May 16th, do your part! Its not to late to save lives all over the world and give children a place to call home!

If you don’t live in Charlotte or wont be in town this weekend and you want to help, just go to our church website at Freedom House Church.  You can give online there and it is safe and secure . There is a tab for Liberty Sunday.


~ by pennymaxwell on May 12, 2010.

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