I Am Weaver!

Back before there were ultrasound machines to help you determine the sex of your baby, they tried to judge it by the baby’s heartbeat. That being said, the doctors told my parents I was most likely a boy. My father, being the brown-noser that he is, told my grandparents that had I been a girl, I would have been named after my grandmother. My grandmother’s name is Penny.

A few months went by and my father was looking forward to having a son. He absolutely hated the name Penny and it was a big joke at how he tried to snow my grandmother. The way my birth father was, he really could have used the brownie points with his in-laws too. We will save that story for another time and place but nonetheless, he was having a boy. Or so he thought.

On October 10, 1971, I was born. To everyone’s surprise I was a girl. My father nearly had a coronary! He HAD to name me Penny now. He tried to get around it by naming me “Penny Jean” and then had everyone call me P.J. I was P.J. until I hit about third grade and got tired of everyone asking me what my initials stood for. They were all going to call me “Penny” from now on. I had a real name!

Also in third grade I was given a laminated card from a bookstore with the meaning of my name on it. It said, “Weaver”. I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I had ever read but I still carried it around in my wallet. I am so terrible at doing work with my hands and the name Penny did not fit me; I was no weaver. After all my father had misnamed me anyhow trying to impress my grandmother! This is NOT who I am at all!

Until recently, I thought my name never fit me. It felt old fashioned, like it would be a character on Little House on the Prairie or something. On two separate instances God sent women in my life to let me know HE got it right all along. Let me explain to you what I mean. These two ladies said to me, “Penny, you are such a weaver!” It took me by surprise because first, I knew that is what my name meant and they didn’t. Second, I don’t make baskets so what are they referring to?

I am the classic definition of the weaver personality. The weaver personality is one who loves to connect and network people’s lives together. It is someone who loves to weave the fabric of peoples lives in such a fashion where it joins people together to form a beautiful, woven piece. I am definitely a connector and a lover of joining people together. I love meeting new people and introducing them to new people. I have never met a stranger and I dont think I ever will. If you walked into Freedom House Church one Sunday and you were new, I would try my best to connect you with others. Let’s say you were a doctor who lived in the Highland Creek neighborhood and you home-schooled your kids. I would find every doctor in the church, every person who lived in Highland Creek and every home-schooler and introduce you to them. Don’t you just feel at ease somewhere when you know you belong and other people are just like you? We all do and that is what I love to do, make people feel welcome and a part of the fabric.

So just know this, no matter what may have transpired in your life that you THOUGHT was an accident. Know that God has it and He always has. I am what my name says I am. I am a connector. I am a net-worker. I am a joiner of people. I am Weaver! 🙂

~ by pennymaxwell on April 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “I Am Weaver!”

  1. Penny (Weaver)I thoroughly enjoyed your story as it relates to your name.

  2. Haha! You sure are a weaver! My first conversation with you was when I was sitting on the bench in the hallway crying and I shared with you what was going on. You immediately said….Let me introduce you to Tracie!

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