Coo Coo for Coco Chanel!

Ok so Cssidy is turning 9 and what kind of party did she have? Why Coco Chanel of course! She LOVES fashion! Humm, where does she get that from?

She had the most beautiful cake made by Heather Boswell. Cassidy loved designing every little detail of it! She did great and it was super delicious. It was orange essence with cream cheese filling on the inside with butter cream icing on the outside. Need I say more?

She had lots of her buddies to celebrate with her.

Her friend Anna won the Coco Chanel look alike contest!

She had tons of Parisian foods, including pate, baguettes, croissants and tons of other little treats from France. They were served on Eiffel Tower china plates too.

We had runway shows! Her Daddy even had French lessons and the last several Chanel runway seasons on DVD for the girls to watch along with the story of how Coco Chanel came to be a fashion icon.

We had tons of prizes to give away!

We had strawberry daiquiris for the girls.

Caddisy got some wonderful gifts from all her friends!

Cassidy is such a joy in our life! We loved celebrating her, IN STYLE! Cassidy Payton Maxwell you are the cutest ever! Loved your Chanel party!


~ by pennymaxwell on April 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Coo Coo for Coco Chanel!”

  1. HOw fabulous and tre chic that was Penny!!! You always did have a spirit of creativity and that was just awesome! Cassidy looks so much like you and it has been nine years since she arrived on the scene? Man time flies and she is the splitting image of you. Tell her I send greetings of Happy Birthday and blessings! She is a fabulous April child as myself. I celebrate the big 50 on the 15th. Prayerfully the IRS will bless me with a gift that day :>) Take care and thanks for sharing Cassidy’s special day!

    Love ya,

    Richmond, VA

  2. wow where did you get the chanel gift bags at hit me back thanks

  3. Some of the bags were the real deal from the Chanel store and the rest were all made via the computer. I simply printed the logo off and glued it on to black and pink bags then just added the polka dot tissue paper! It was such a fun party!

  4. Oh my gosh, this looks like the best birthday party ever! I wish I would have been that cool when I was nine!

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