Squirrely Lessons!

Some of you many know that some kids in my neighborhood found a baby squirrel in the park near our home. It had been abandoned by it’s mother. This baby gray squirrel was adorable. We named her Tidbits. It did not take a long time to figure out that she was very ill and needed more attention than we could give her. We had thankfully found her on the weekend so spending time doing constant feedings, heating up water bottles, changing her bedding and the like was working at the moment. Oh and did I mention that baby squirrels are stimulated by their mothers to go to the bathroom? Yep, we had to constantly massage her belly as well. By time the weekend was over, we were worn out! Baby squirrels are a lot of work! We took turns feeding her round the clock!

The following morning I called an animal wildlife rehabilitation service. The kids were very angry at first but after having her examined and realizing she needed an IV, they let me give our little Tidbits to the people who could help her. We were just not equipped. So we drove her an hour out into the country with all three kids crying because we had to give her away. The hour back in the car was filled with tears and silence.

The wildlife center promised to send us pictures of her progress each week and they did. We actually thought “she” was a “he” but the wildlife rehabilitators soon corrected us. After learning about squirrels online,  it was very easy to understand how it is possible to make that kind of mistake That is something you have to research on your own! We know an awful lot about squirrels now is all I’m saying! Ha!

So this morning on the way to church I hit a squirrel and killed it. It ran out in front of the car and hit my tire. My heart hurt. Why? I spent sleepless hours trying to keep one squirrel from dying and in a matter of seconds I inadvertently killed another one.  I think sometimes when something like that happens we dont necessarily think about it or feel pain like I did but I know the price I paid for one squirrel to have life. None of the other moms in the neighborhood would even think twice about the squirrel. I was the only one who agreed to help it and take it in. I just couldn’t let it die if there was something I could do to save it.

This makes me think of so many things. First it makes me think of the scripture that talks about how God knows even when one sparrow falls from the sky. God loves his creation and keeps track of it mindfully. He knew about that little squirrel that hit my tire.

Second, people’s lives come and go every day and sometimes we don’t think another second about it. God does. You see He is the one who paid a price for us to have life so He is very mindful of us! He has the hairs on our head numbered; that is pretty amazing! When you pay a high price for something, you are mindful of it. Just like my countless hours of sleeplessness, and my researching squirrels on the internet for hours, made me mindful of squirrels. I never had been before. So when I killed one this morning, it was not just “oh well” for me.  I don’t think a year ago I would have been on the verge of tears from killing a squirrel but I now realize how precious life is, all life.

Third, we are the most valuable of all God’s creations! How much He loves us is overwhelming. Every day YOU are in His thoughts! YOU are the reason He gave His life! He didn’t just let us die because there was something He could do about it and He did! He sent Jesus! He paid such a high price because YOU were worth it!

Just thinking about YOU today and how precious YOU are to God!


~ by pennymaxwell on March 28, 2010.

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