“Cause I Will Pray With You”

Last night Cabell and I went and sat by MiMi’s side. Cabell leaned over to her and said, “MiMi do you have sins you need to repent of before you go to see Jesus? Cause I will pray with you.” It was just precious and also taught me a great lesson as well.

My first thoughts, truthfully, were, “that was sweet” and “what sins could an 89-year old bed-ridden woman commit?” Then it came to me. A story from the bible that changed the way I thought of things. You see the paralyzed man who had to have his friends carry him to Jesus had been that way for a long time. He was committed to his mat. He was forever on his mat. His mat was where he spent his time. So why when Jesus healed him did Jesus say, “Rise, take up your mat, your sins are forgiven”? Because he could still sin.

Let’s face it. The man was not committing adultery. He was not stealing from his neighbor. He was not spreading gossip or lies about other people. He was not doing things that you and I would consider “big” sins. But why did Jesus say that? Because he had sins that needed to be forgiven. He had sins that were more covert instead of overt.

Maybe the man was bitter because he couldn’t walk. Maybe the man was angry and blamed God for his condition. Maybe the man resented other people who were well. You just never know but it is very evident that he had some inner sins he needed to be forgiven for. It might have been the same for MiMi and Cabell was just picking up on it.

One thing I know, this story makes me want to examine my own life and look for those sins that could be hiding out internally, that I might not have even realized was there. Things like indifference, anger, bitterness, jealousy, envy, resentment, prejudice, unforgiveness,  grudge holding and the like. They are not necessarily things that anyone else would see but they are sin nonetheless. Jesus felt that from the paralytic so much so that he told him that in front of everyone. He declared that his sins were forgiven.

If you were MiMi and Cabell leaned over your bed, what would you say? Search your heart and don’t allow those hidden things to go on any longer, they just might be what has been crippling you. Jesus is waiting there with his forgiveness and healing.


~ by pennymaxwell on January 22, 2010.

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