Agree to Disagree?

“Jesus loved everyone equally without agreeing with everyone equally. To only LIKE those you agree with is spiritual immaturity.”  Rick Warren

What do you think of this quote by Rick Warren? It invoked so much thought in me. Hope to hear some great feedback on what this means to you.


~ by pennymaxwell on January 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Agree to Disagree?”

  1. I agree with it simply because of the example Jesus set for us.
    We are called to love our neighbors, even the annoying one, as we love ourselves. So for to me like one nieghbor as oppossed to another, because we exist in the same social club or have the same belief systems, is wrong.
    Simply put, imagine if Jesus only died for those he liked?
    The ones he could agree with. There’d be no hope for me I tell ya.

  2. You know some years ago called us from our Church..THE most liberal Church in Char I would say.. to go to HICKORY GROVE BAPTIST…uh Wow God R U Sure?? YES. He was and I encountered more amazing people than I would have EVER dreamed of !! Yes we “thought” very differently but I LEARNED soo much..I am quite sure they thought we were COMPLETELY nuts..but they loved us anyway and allowed us to grow without judgment or arguing. I made some LIFE long friends and would have missed alot had God not “opened” us up to this group…different is not allways wrong just sometimes people are at diff levels ..I am Thankful to have had people that loved us along at every level and continued grace.

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