Nothing Like It!

Today in our staff meeting we kicked things off right; we kicked it off with prayer and worship. The presence of God filled the room and the moment was just beautiful. God’s presence seemed to descend like a fluffy blanket. The atmosphere was filled with love, after all God IS love! There is just nothing like it!

One of our pastors, Pastor Clint, shared something from his heart. It was great. He said that if you want walls to come tumbling down in your life you have to know how to worship. You may not understand how or when God is going to do something but you can rest assured that he will show up when His name is lifted high.

When the walls of Jericho came tumbling down it was not because of a conventional method. It was not because of a formula. It was because the people knew how to worship. When they worshiped the Lord every wall in their way fell to the ground. It was not a method they could have calculated or even dreamed up but what happened forever changed them.

You have walls in your life you want down? Get into the presence of the Lord and every obstacle that tries to block you from the plan God has for you will come tumbling down. Worship the Most High and see your God-given dreams come to pass.


~ by pennymaxwell on January 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Nothing Like It!”

  1. Well said! There is so much to expect when we worship God. It’s all about being in His presence.

  2. I agree 110%..There has been times in my life when I needed just a touch from God, just a head-nod from Him to let me know that He was still here and that He sees every tear and everything. I began to worship not just in song or dance but in my service (whatever I did in church or out side of it for Him). Every-time I did this God smiled on me, it may not have been right then and there, but eventually he did. You want to see a Christian off track take a look at their “Worship Life”, the way they respond to God when His presence is in the room…..I LOVE TO WORSHIP!

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