It’s Here!

I am so excited and so proud of my husband! His new book, “In His Face :30 Days Invading God’s Space” is now released! It’s here! The unveil happened at church yesterday and they are all gone! It is so exciting to know that people want to encounter God like that and are so hungry to “get in His face”!

This book is a 30 day devotional to help people learn to have a collision with God, face to face. A God encounter is a collision with the unexpected and I know we all want to encounter God and experience His presence in our lives like never before!

The series we have been in since the New Year began is called “Presence”. Make sure you go online and listen to the messages. This week was especially powerful as my husband shared his story in dealing with a dying father who never chose to be part of his life. Alcoholism, drugs and sickness have plagued him his whole adult life and my husband shared the impact it has had on him. You know just because your natural father is not present does not mean that your Heavenly Father is not present. He wants us to invade His space! He wants us in His face!

Oh and don’t worry, more books are coming! We have to order more!


~ by pennymaxwell on January 18, 2010.

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