The Biggest News Of The Entire Last Year!

This news is so huge, I decided to put it in a blog all of its own! I am simply amazed and in awe of what God did last year at Freedom House. I am so thankful to be part of a House that knows what it is ALL ABOUT!!!!

IN 2009, 1500 PEOPLE CAME TO KNOW JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOR AT FREEDOM HOUSE CHURCH!!!!!!!! Now this does not include all of the missions we participate in, this does not include what takes place in life groups or outreach events OFF of our campus, these salvations are ON our campus! Kids, grown-ups, all walks of life, you name it and that is who got saved.  How beautiful and wonderful to know that people’s lives are being changed forever and their eternal address is now in heaven!

The thing that makes this so amazing is that all of these people would not have come to know Jesus without YOU. YOU set up the church, YOU served in children’s ministry, YOU swept the floor, YOU greeted them as they walked in, YOU ran the sound, YOU prayed with them, YOU loved on them, YOU served them coffee, YOU set up the stage, YOU led them in worship, YOU took out the trash, YOU loaded the truck, YOU made church happen and in doing so prepared a place for people to connect with Jesus!

YOU are the people who made a place for 1500 others to come and know Jesus. It was YOU! Without YOU doing YOUR part, 1500 people would not have had a place reserved for them in heaven. I have to tell you how huge that is. Don’t ever forget the sweat is worth it. The time it takes is worth it. People are worth it! So glad we get to do it again this year! Let’s go for it!

Come on Jesus!


~ by pennymaxwell on January 9, 2010.

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