Don’t Be Jacked Up!

Today I have a guest blogger, Pastor Melissa Pierce. Melissa and her husband Ben pastor Generation Church in West Palm Beach, Florida. Listen as she shares some relational insight and then offer your feedback. Don’t be relationally jacked up!

Relationships are a fluid and unpredictable thing. Although strangely, many of the relationships in our lives operate in autopilot mode. In other words there is a mechanical arm behind the wheel that does not generate real thought or emotion.  Sound familiar?

A good pilot, ship captain, or driver knows that when your behind the wheel you have to make constant adjustments in order to stay on course and arrive safely at the intended destination. Flying, sailing or driving requires the operator’s full and complete attention. Navigating our relationships is no different, we have to be fully engaged behind the wheel, making certain that our marriages, children, family and friend relationships are deep, rich and healthy.

I wish I could tell you that I arrived at these conclusions due to a healthy and well balanced childhood. I can’t. I grew up in a home that was highly dysfunctional, wrought with addiction and abuse. In that environment when no one was navigating our relationships, I learned how to totally close myself off to others. I was fun, outgoing and smiling on the outside, but I lacked the ability to relate to someone deeply from the inside. The sad part is, that for a very long time, I preferred it that way.  I had a deep rooted relational deficiency.

If you are a Christian it is critical that you address your relational deficiencies. We all have them. Most of us came to Jesus, because someone told us that we could have a “relationship” with Him.  His Body and our purpose as His Body is predicated on us being able to relate to each other in a healthy and life giving way.

I am grateful for Pastors Troy & Penny Maxwell who are blazing this trail in the Church. Freedom House needs to know that this commitment to relational health is not found everywhere. This is not a topic that all of the Church embraces. There are actually leaders in churches who prefer to stay emotionally jacked up. They prefer to hide and pretend as though everything is roses, when they are disintegrating internally. The tragic side to that philosophy is that cultures are created that make it wrong or sinful to experience pain.  Jesus never asked us not to experience emotional pain or relationship difficulty. He experienced those things. He asks us to grow and not hide. He asks us to go to our brother. He asks us to love with our heart, soul, mind and strength and not hold anything back.


~ by pennymaxwell on January 7, 2010.

One Response to “Don’t Be Jacked Up!”

  1. I agree. Too often, Pastors tend to look like everything is ok on the outside when things are going crazy on the inside. Let’s be real. We are all human and are going to go through some stuff-I’d rather be able to have relationships that are able to withstand the fire…

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