Beautiful Beyond Belief!

I often get told that I always look happy and that nothing ever bothers me. Well, I am not happy all of the time but even when I do go through a really tough situation, I know it’s gonna be ok. God’s always got it. That is the difference between joy and happiness. Joy is deep in your soul and happiness is situational. But don’t get me wrong, I do hurt and things do bother me.

The last few days for me have been very pain-filled. Troy’s grandmother, MiMi, whom I am very close to, is dying. Hospice care has been called in and they don’t know exactly how much time she has left but they have let us know it is soon. I must tell you a few things about Mimi.

Most of you who either know me or of me, know that my childhood was very tragic. I would not wish it on anyone. I was abused physically, sexually, emotionally and any other way you could think of. Those who were in a position of authority over me did not use their power in healthy ways. I always felt loved conditionally, never unconditionally. I grew up never really feeling cared for.

When I was 18 I met the man of my dreams, Troy Maxwell. WOW! 20 years ago! Well, with Troy came the most amazing grandmother. She was something I had never had before. She was always there to talk to. We went to her house after church on Sundays to eat with her and PaPa. She was the best cook! She made everything from scratch! Try living up to that one!

MiMi made my wedding dress, she did my rehearsal dinner, she took me shopping, we went on trips together, you name it and MiMi and I did it. It was so new to me and at first felt a little awkward but that soon went away. Never did she introduce me as “Troy’s wife” but always as “her granddaughter”.

It was something I had never had before. She was so loving, so kind, so gentle, so sweet and so pure. She spent her life working in missions. She loved to help missionaries and anyone in need for that matter. She was also the classiest lady I had ever known! Even at almost 90 I laugh because she had nearly 30 pairs of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes in her closet that we recently gave away to charity! Not to mention her Geiger suits, stunning jewelry and her beautiful furs! She is just so classy! I can still see her strutting her stuff and vacuuming in pearls!

MiMi and PaPa have always been there for Troy and me. When PaPa breathed his last a few years ago, we were there to pick up the pieces. MiMi has lived with us here in Charlotte from that moment. We have loved her being here close to us. We have also loved getting to love her back and help her. She was the one who raised Troy because his parents were not involved in his life. Her and PaPa put him through college and bought him his first car. When we got married they put a down payment on a house for us. She taught me things about cooking and PaPa taught Troy how to work on cars. It is only fitting we get to be there for them when they most need it. It was our honor to be there for PaPa and now to be there for his bride, Mildred Norman Maxwell.

As Mimi nears the end of her life I am so sad. Sad that I will not have her to shop with, to talk with and to hug. As she nears the end of her life I am also happy. She is going to meet Jesus soon. She has served Him her whole life. She has been an amazing example of a godly woman! How well-pleased the Lord must be with her. She is beautiful in every way.

I know that Hollywood is obsessed with youth but I have to tell you, yes sunrises are pretty, but sunsets are BREATHTAKING! There is nothing more beautiful than a godly woman preparing to see her savior! MiMi, you are beautiful beyond belief! I love you!


~ by pennymaxwell on January 7, 2010.

12 Responses to “Beautiful Beyond Belief!”

  1. She is certainly a beautiful woman!

  2. So beautifully written! Seriously, my contacts are fogged up because I’m at work and trying SO hard not to cry (it’s not working). I feel blessed to say I had the chance to meet her when she came to some of the services at FHC. She is truly the definition of beauty. I never knew her name is Mildred! That was my mom’s name 🙂

  3. Hi Penny! What a blessing Mimi is!! I loved your honoring post. This touched my heart and inspired me. I am praying for Mimi and for you and your family during this time.

  4. What a beautiful post Penny. Chris and I are thinking about you and Troy, and praying for you guys as you spend these last days with Mimi.

  5. What a fitting title. My prayers are with you and your family through this difficult time. My family is going through a similar situation. My grandmother is 93 and hospice has started assisting with her care. Your Mimi has much in common with my mom. Thank you for sharing the beauty that comes out of these difficult times. I especially liked your closing, “Yes sunrises are pretty, but sunsets are BREATHTAKING!” How true!

  6. Can’t hold my tears. But part are for how precious Mimi is. We were honored to meet her too. Mimi has impacted many, she is a picture of
    a what God intends women to be. So special!

  7. That was a beautiful tribute, Penny…I will keep Mimi and you and Troy and your kids in my prayers. I remember you talking about Mimi years ago and how special she was. My grandmother is 92 and in declining health…I hope I can spend some special time with her soon.

  8. She is such a lovely Mimi. There are not too many ladies left like her from her generation. She seems like the glue that kept everything together in world where everything wanted to fall apart. I know you will continue to treasure your time together. You are a part of her legacy. Love yall.

  9. Right on BABE! I love my MIMI!

  10. Praying that your time together will be completely orchestrated by God and that all words will be said and her exit from this world and entry into the other will be smooth!

  11. WOW! Well said and a great honor. She is beautiful inside and out!

  12. Our prayers are with you, I can only imagine how beautiful and rich your lives have been with a wonderful women of God in it! Sunsets are beautiful!

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