My Hero!

Ok, my husband has always been a hero to me. He has been such a great friend, leader, husband and father. But, what he did last night really catapulted him in my mind. I could not believe it! It was so touching to me.

Well, here is the back story. I am a bath enthusiast. I am all about my bath. I look forward to my bath. I even have these great handmade bath products that I use in my bath to make it extra special. Products that bubble up, fizz, smell good, and even sparkle in the tub! Yes, I love my bath!

So I got ready to take a bath. As I started my bath water and quickly slipped into it, I realized that the hot water was gone. This is a huge deal to a bath enthusiast! I have to have a piping hot bath! I could not even fill it up half-way before it went totally cold. It did not dawn on me that my three kids had all just had showers.! This was a tragedy of the utmost importance! What was I going to do? I had already gotten in and already poured in my handmade bath products. I could not waste it now! Surely the hot water will come back, right?

So, I sat in the cold tub and kept trying to get the water to heat up. It was not working. I was actually shaking. I was absolutely thinking it was a lost cause. Next thing I know, pot by pot, my husband started bringing up hot water from the stove for me! Oh my gosh it was wonderful! How did he think to do that for me? He just wanted to make sure my bath was not ruined! In fact he brought up 7 pots of water, one after one. Actually, it got so hot in my tub I started to think about Hansel and Gretel! If he would have started slicing up carrots in my bath then I knew it was gonna be trouble. That water got so hot, I started to cook! For real! It was great though! I did have to turn on the cold water for a second! He was bringing boiling water! Ahhhh!

Honestly, it was just so sweet that he decided to serve me  in such a simple way, but honestly it had a huge impact on me. I never asked him to do that, he just did. He knows I love my bath and he knew it would make me smile. For all intents and purposes, he rode in on a white horse with those pots of water in his hand! This princess felt seriously rescued!

I thought about how the small things we do in life can make a difference to someone else. Those little notes we send, the simple smiles we give, the kind words, the small gestures just to let people know we care for them. They are so important. Loving people from who we are is really what it all boils down to (no pun intended)!

What small gesture or kind word can your express to someone to make them feel valued? I know it made my whole day and I want to do that for someone else too! Troy truly was my hero with the water pot!

Going to take a bath! Catch you later!


~ by pennymaxwell on December 23, 2009.

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