Carried to the Table!

This past week my husband taught a message, the final in this series. It was about a man named Mephibosheth. When Mephibosheth’s father, Jonathan, and his grandfather, Saul, were killed in battle, word got out. Mephibosheth’s nurse ran in to get him. You see he had a lineage of royalty and his nurse knew that they might come after Mephibosheth to try to kill him too. She had to try to escape with Mephibosheth to spare him. When she was running out, she dropped him. From that point forward, Mephibosheth was lame in his feet. He was crippled because he had been mishandled and dropped as a young child.

As Mephibosheth grew, King David wondered if there was anyone from the House of Saul who was still alive. He sought out Mephibosheth after hearing of his existence. Because he had made a covenant (promise), with his father, Jonathan, he wanted to find him and care for him. He wanted to pour out blessings on his life and honor him.

When Mephibosheth heard he was being looked for, he feared for his life. He had not been living as someone with royalty in his blood but someone who had been dropped in life. He did not understand that the King was actually looking for him because he had a place at his distinguished table for Mephibosheth. He wanted him to be treated like the royal blood that he was. Even his name, Mephibosheth, means mouth full of shame and that is exactly how he had been living. He had been living out his years with his head down because he had been dropped in life. Circumstances had left him cripple. He was living in a place called Lo Debar which means “lifeless”. He was merely existing.

When David found him, he scooted him up to the table. He was now seated with the King and his legs were hidden by the table. His weakness, his brokenness, was no longer an issue. He scooted up into God’s grace and mercy. He was now seated with honor and dignity.

Listen to this song. It was played on Sunday as people decided to have a seat at the table. It brought tears to my eyes.

Where have you been? The King has been waiting for you at His table. In fact, He prepared it long ago with you in mind. He is searching you out. Don’t let shame keep you from your place. You may have been dropped by circumstances in life. You may have been mishandled, but the King of Kings is searching for you! Come to the table! Even if you don’t feel you can get there on your own, He will carry you and your weaknesses won’t matter anymore! They will be hidden by all the table represents!

Listen here to Carried to the Table by Leeland.


~ by pennymaxwell on December 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Carried to the Table!”

  1. that was such a great message last week! i’ve been thinking about it all week long. we’ve all been “dropped” and “mishandled” and I’m so thankful to have a King that loves me in all my flaws and imperfections….the holes, the broken parts..that’s where He can shine through.

  2. Loved this word! Straight to the heart! Love God’s covenant!

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