Broken, But Not Shattered!

Well this past week was an interesting one. Cassidy, my 8-year old, broke the growth plate in her toe. She was in a lot of pain when it happened and I knew by her begging me to go to the hospital that she had not just sprang it or bumped it. Literally the child screamed for an hour; it was a bit taxing.

The part that was the most difficult for her was that she had a State Cheering Competition the same week. She was unable to perform what she had been practicing for months and months. Cassidy was very brave to watch her friends get on the stage and perform without her. She sat in her seat and cheered them on. Don’t get me wrong, she cried pretty hard but she was very proud of all of the girls who filled in and rose to the occasion. To have to re-work the routine to accommodate Cassidy’s absence was huge. It was the same week as the competition! It was not the most ideal situation but they did it; all of the girls did it. I was so proud of each and every one of them.

I know the turn of events was a valuable teaching moment for Cassidy. She learned that life does not always work out the way that you want it to but keeping a right attitude is crucial. Having a thankful heart is crucial. Being a team player is crucial. Keeping joy in the midst of discomfort is crucial. Looking ahead to more opportunities too is also very crucial. She can look forward to the many other competitions that are ahead. Sometimes in life we want to focus on the things that did not work out the way we wanted them to but there is always a new day waiting for us each morning when we wake up!

Cassidy also watched her sister perform at the State Championships. She sat on the sidelines again and cheered Cabell on to victory as well. I am proud of both of my girls, the one that got to cheer on the stage and the one who cheered from the sidelines. I love those valuable everyday lessons that prove to be great teaching moments for our children. I hope to always recognize them so they are not wasted moments. As Rick Warren always says, “God will never waste a hurt.”

So Cassidy had a broken heart (and toe) but she was not shattered. She knows there is a new day awaiting her!

Here is her sister performing at States. She is the flyer on the right of the screen in the beginning and then she moves over to the left side in her flying routine towards the finish of the routine. The wink at the end is unmistakeably Cabell. Enjoy! I hope to have one of Cassidy soon to show you! Can I just say I love my girls? I do!


~ by pennymaxwell on December 20, 2009.

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