Our New Building!

This week we moved into a new church building. No, it is not the one we are building although that will be soon enough! We moved into a new school building across the street from our church property. So many amazing things happened that blew me away. First, so many wonderful volunteers showed up to help us figure things out. I mean we had some ideas of where things should go but we needed so much help to test it out and make sure it all worked. The volunteers impressed me so much because they understand they did not just put out a chair, set up a kid’s class, EQ the sound, sweep the hallways, hang signs or even raise up pipe and drape. Each and every “thing” that was done was affecting eternity. They were making a place for people to encounter the very presence of God. Each person who volunteered was doing way more than most would see; they were literally snatching people from the jaws of hell by doing their part. To think that we can seat 200 more people than before is so awesome!

Another thing that blessed me so much was that we quickly realized that our sound needs were going to be more than anticipated, to the tune of $2,000. Yep, one of the volunteers ran out and got what the sound team needed. It brought tears to my eyes to know that in a last minute crunch like that someone decided to be generous so that others would be touched. They did not even hesitate to do it, not at all. Let me tell you, when the music started I saw tears streaming down some of the musicians faces (yes the men!) and many people in the crowd too. The presence of God was tangible. It was thick!

A sweet Hindu man came and introduced himself to my husband. He had heard about the church from a friend. Troy talked to him about receiving Jesus and he did, right there on the spot!! Troy asked him if he had a bible and the man said no because he was a Hindu. Of course the response was, “No you are not anymore!” He gladly accepted the bible and they laughed!

A group of college students came up to one of the pastors on our staff and said, “Where do we sign up, we love this place!” Our Financial Director had a family come to her and say, “Now this building feels more like a church, we are now going to join because it just feels better and looks more permanent now.”

Don’t get me wrong, there were major traffic issues and flow issues in the hallways we have to work out by next week. It was not totally glitch-free. But that was so not the focus. The feel in that building was amazing. People just were at ease and so thrilled to be there. I have not seen the official numbers yet but the crowds were undeniable! Shocking! Amazing! Incredible! All those words and more are what I would use to describe our first time in our new building!

If you have not been, you must come check it out for yourself! Our new website will be launching soon too! htp://www.FreedomHouseChurch.org


~ by pennymaxwell on December 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Our New Building!”

  1. WOW! That is a lot! How exciting! Looks great. I envision it filled with people and I am so happy. Have fun. We will be there in May (i think). 🙂

  2. Yes, it was PACKED out! We hope to have all the traffic issues worked out by this week! It was so much fun. We also added on another kids class too that I did not get good pics of. It is called the O Zone. Really cool!

    Also envision the lights down with the sails in the background lit up. Also tons of people raising their hands and worshiping God! It was so great! I will try to get s few pics this week too!

    So much fun for us all!

  3. Pastor Penny we LOVE our new “space”!! It fits us like a great pair of well worn jeans!! The kids Love the new rooms and I for one want to THANK YOU for such a smooth transition…I know there was ALOT of work involved but you all made it look easy and sooo comfortable for us…so again THANKS!! and I love driving past the property every Sun can not wait to see our new home rise up!! Love yall!!

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