Cocktail Weiners

I love these. They are so easy to make for holiday parties too!

2 lbs of Hillshire Farm Lil’ Smokies Sausages (do not use another brand, they are not as good)

12 oz of chili sauce

10 oz of grape jelly

Mix and heat chili sauce and grape jelly in a Crockpot. Place in the Lil’ Smokies and cook for two hours or until piping hot.


~ by pennymaxwell on December 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Cocktail Weiners”

  1. Wow !! My Mom allways made these in Ohio for football games but with meatballs same exact sauce yumo!!

  2. I’m a ‘virtual friend’ via my old friend Nickie Haas… I was pooling through my recipes getting ready for the holidays to start planning menus & remembered this one that I used last year and just HAD to share the hilarious thing that I did… I am NOT an officianado in the kitchen, although I do love baking, my hubby is the one that does most of the cooking. I was preparing last year for a holiday party & had just found your blog through Nickie & saw this recipe & decided I would make it for a ladies meeting. I went to the grocery store for the ingredients, bought it all, went to church & made the recipe in my crock pot. Everyone LOVED it. My hubby tasted it the little bit that was left after the meeting and then he raised an eyebrow and said… what is the sauce made of? I told him how I had the hardest time finding the chili sauce but finally found it in the Hot Dog Chili area… and he laughed at me… I thought ‘chili sauce’ was HOT DOG CHILI SAUCE… and that is what I made the recipe with… Hot dog chili sauce & jelly!!! LOL But hey, everyone ate it and loved it! (I made it with the right ingredients a few weeks later & it did taste even better! Hahahaa!)

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