My Favorites List!

Ok, I think one of the coolest things ever is to share amazing “finds” with people. I not only love to share them but I love to hear the great finds as well. As a matter of fact, many things I share with you today are finds that someone else probably told me about and now I get to share them with you! So make sure you tell me your finds so all of the blog followers can try them too! Here are some of my favorite things!

My Favorite Lip Gloss-Chanel glossimers. I like any color but the Galaxia is my favorite. It is clear with sparkles in it.

My favorite bath products-Lush, they are handmade products that smell so good and are so relaxing in your tub.

My favorite grocery store-The Fresh Market, I love their blueberry cornbread, Smithfield country ham, Moravian sugar cake, baked pies for the holidays and their free-range meat selections. Oh and how could I forget their cheddar and buttermilk biscuits that are always on my holiday table? Delicious.

My favorite place to shop-Nordstrom is first. I really love the Nordstrom Rack (discount store) but they don’t have one here in Charlotte. No worries, Steinmart boutique section and Saks Fifth Outlet are good too. LA East in South Charlotte is great for trendy clothes and they have sales often.

My favorite restaurant- Nobles, they have the most amazing appetizer that is not on the menu often but they will make it for you if you ask. It is called the “Fruit of the Sea”.  Okay, they say it more sophisticated than that but I am rusty on my foreign languages. It is one crab cake, one sea scallop and one shrimp cooked like you have never tasted. Their coconut cake, caramel cake and their tomato bisque also rock. The bisque is topped with goat cheese and micro-basil.

My favorite church-Freedom House, it is so amazing because the coolest people on the planet go there. Great people are what make churches great! You gotta check this place out! 🙂 You know I could not resist on this one!

My favorite home decor-Black Lion, they have so many different vendors with so many different tastes you are sure to find what you are looking for. Everything from furniture to Christmas decorations, all of the things on your list will be checked off. Beautiful, beautiful stuff!

My favorite make-up-I wear a combination of Chanel and MAC. Channel, as I said before, can not be touched on lip gloss. Their lip glossimers are better than anyones. MAC has great eyelashes! I love to wear eyelashes for fun and they have the best ones that are reasonably priced. Their shadows and their dusting powder are amazing as well. They are a bit more trendy and Chanel is more sophisticated.

My favorite place to buy a pet-Petland in Ballantyne, we got Snickers there and they rolled out the red carpet for us. They included everything we needed along with training videos, snacks, bowls, books, treats, food and so much more. They also played “Who Let The Dogs Out” when we bought him too.

My favorite pasta sauce-Trader Joes, they have some incredible Vodka sauce. I love to make all my sauces myself but their Vodka sauce is off the hook! I cannot touch it. Their fresh pastas go great with it. Lobster and 4 cheese are my favorites.

My favorite natural market-Trader Joes, they have some amazing prices on everything. Artisan cheeses are such a good deal there. Their sparkling juices are great too. My kids love their ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chips on them. I love the orange juice with lots of pulp and the guacamole kits. The guacamole kits are so cheap!

My favorite gravy-Willams Sonoma, ok their gravy starter in the jar is RIDICULOUSLY good. I am hooked on it. My sis in law told me about this. It will be a staple on my Thanksgiving table from now on. You just mix it with milk, whisk it together, then add in your pan drippings. Guaranteed hit.

My favorite hardware store-Blackhawk Hardware, they have so many home decor things, tons of gadgets, and just unexpected things for every room of your house. You will like this place for sure.

My favorite garden center-Plantation Gardens, they have so many items that you cannot find anywhere else in Charlotte. If you want something in particular they will even order it for you. You will love their selection and their service, top notch.

More to come later! Tell me YOUR favorites! I am looking for an amazing Italian restaurant. You got one to tell me about?

~ by pennymaxwell on November 29, 2009.

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