Negative Words

Lisa Young wrote this blog and I simply loved it. Her and her husband pastor Fellowship Church, in Dallas, Texas. I wanted to share it with you so won’t focus on the “one in a million”! Her points are simple but profound. Enjoy! I did!


Continuing the topic of words, I want to pose a question for you to consider: Why is it that out of all the words we receive in a day, the ones we dwell on most are those that are harmful?

Millions of words float in and out of our lives every day. And yet, it is that one negative statement, that one hurtful word that we invest in our minds. And it is negativity that earns a high yield interest rate.  It seems to grow and multiply. Sadly, this is a phenomenon that shapes so many of us in a detrimental way. Rather than seeing ourselves the way God sees us, we focus on the negativity, slander, gossip and hurt caused by others.

For some, it may be continual verbal abuse from a parent or boss that keeps us bound.  For others, like me, it may be that some words are said to you or about you that cut to the core.  These words may not handcuff you from living, but they certainly keep you from experiencing the full, abundant life God wants you to have.

I’ve heard it said that it takes ten words of affirmation to do away with one negative word.  I’m not sure I buy this.  I’m not convinced any amount of affirmation will fully wipe away the pain from a negative comment. The good news, though, is there are some things you and I can do in the face of negativity.

Consider the source
Who is saying this? If the comment you hear comes from the mouth of a person who finds fault with anyone and everyone, don’t put as much stock into those words.  If the hurtful words come from someone you know is fair and balanced, then you may want to see if there is any truth in the statement. That doesn’t mean you harp on the negativity. But you can use it to discover a truth that God wants you to learn.

Leave it behind
Once you’ve considered the source and determined if there is any truth in the words, it’s time to move forward.  If you have learned a truth, make a plan of action to change some things in your life.  If the words don’t have validity, then build a campfire in your mind and burn them.

Rely on God’s Word
In Hebrews, the writer talks about the reality that none of us is alone in life. And because of that, he encourages us to “throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1).

When you hear negative words, remember they aren’t what define us. God defines us. We have a great purpose to fulfill for Christ, and if we are encumbered by hurt and pain, we will easily become distracted.

Don’t get distracted from the race. Instead, ask God to give you a fresh perspective from His Word.  Forgive the person who spoke the pain into your life (Ephesians 4:32).  Leave the negativity behind. And stick to the purpose that God has set before you to spread His love to a hurting world.


~ by pennymaxwell on October 31, 2009.

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