I Am So Thankful For You!

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I just have to share my heart with you on how excited I am. Last week all of the ladies of Freedom House knocked it out of the park. I came home and told my husband of all the women who worked tirelessly to pull off the woman’s conference. It happened because of an entire team of AMAZING woman; women who joined together, who laughed together, who encouraged together and who changed lives together, decided to use who they were to impact others. How cool is it that when we as women decide that we are the solution (not the problem) to a hurt and lost world and team up, together! We have so much to give as women and I think we are all starting to get it. We are starting to get the fact that we are not each others problem either. We are not each others competition. We are each others solution too.

As I watched each woman in action, it made my heart smile because many of the giftings I saw come out of these precious women were gifts I don’t have.  One beautiful woman made gorgeous gift baskets for all of the out of town pastors wives and for the giveaways of the night. When I saw them, I gasped! I could not have done that. She is amazing. When I saw the organization behind many aspects of the event, down to the seating charts and spread sheets with the budget on it, I knew I could not have done that either.  One precious woman made an array of food for all of the women in ministry around North Carolina,  as well as from around the country. One bite of those delicious morsels and I again said to myself, “I could not have done that!” She even had a beautiful chocolate high heel shoe made for Lisa to take with her. I would not have thought of that (Lisa flipped out over it as we all did, it was almost too pretty to eat-almost).

Upon arriving back at my home after the Sunday event, one of the ladies had been at my home and made the most beautiful flower arrangements with stuff from my yard and around my home! I could not have done that. She had also draped fabric across the counters and had things arrayed in a way that really made my house unrecognizable. Her work was stunning. I could not have done that. When the out of towners came over for lunch, they once again felt like someone had prepared for them. They felt anticipated and appreciated by so many people just using their gifts to be a blessing to others.

Every pastor’s wife and every woman who came to the event or to the Sunday services told me how special they felt and how welcomed they were by everyone. They commented about the environment and how it made them feel like we were anticipating their arrival. WE WERE! Oh how easy it is to minister to people when they know you cared enough to anticipate them.

I was thankful to see women step up and pray for other women, hug on other women, share their heart with other women, exchange phone numbers with other women, and encourage other women.  My heart was so full after seeing that. How beautiful and spectacular it was!

For so long the enemy has had women in a place where we were so busy competing with and comparing ourselves to other women, that we could not appreciate each other. We need each other! The puzzle is not complete without your puzzle piece being in the right spot. Whatever God has placed on your heart,  just be that piece and you will flourish. You don’t have to decorate like someone else, cook like someone else, arrange flowers like someone else or the other array of things I listed. If you just allow God to use you to be what you are good at, then all of us are blessed because we all have a part to play. I believe that is what makes God smile, when we just are what He wants for us to be. Think about it for a minute, what if a painting only had one color?  It would not be near as spectacular without the wide array of colors that could actually make it look more beautiful. Could you imagine if the red wished it could be purple? We gotta have some red! Every color is glorious and needed!

If you just be the you that God created you to be, you simply cannot miss! All you beautiful, warm-spirited, glorious women out there, you have a wonderful part to play that nobody but you can play. I am so glad I am watching you rise up and take your rightful place. You are a beautiful gift from God; you are simply marvelous and I am so incredibly thankful for you!


~ by pennymaxwell on October 30, 2009.

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