Just Admit It!

Admit your weaknesses. It’s not a surprise to others; it’s a relief. They think, “Whew! He/She knows! We can stop pretending!” -John Maxwell


I love this quote by John Maxwell. If we could all do this, could you imagine how healthy we would be? This one area could literally change our life if we just chose to admit where we are and get the right people in our lives who will tell us the truth even when it hurts. The truth does not always feel so good but it sure does help us wake up and face things we might never want to face on our own. That is the cool thing about healthy relationships, they bring out the best in us by making us sometimes see what we don’t want to. Hope you appreciate people like that!

I remember preaching one time and I was telling the men how much women love to see their husbands vulnerability. Actually it is very attractive to us as women (that is a hint guys). Vulnerability is something that is shown to others on purpose. A weakness is something we try to hide but always slips out anyhow. We might as well go ahead and just be vulnerable and let people see inside. They know anyhow, they are just pretending not to see it because they think we don’t.

So let me give you some things that might help you on the journey to “just admitting it”. First, sit down and write down your weaknesses. If you can’t, then put that at the top of the list, “don’t know my weaknesses”! After you write them down, share them with a few friends. I can tell you that they already know them. It wont be a surprise. Try this and see if that is not the case. They can actually help to hold you accountable to work on them. How healthy is that?! That is what I am talking about, yeah!

If you read this and think to yourself that you have nobody that you would share your weaknesses with, my heart breaks for you. Your life will never be full and rich unless you have people in your life who can challenge you and make you face things that could hinder you from becoming more like Jesus. If the thought of that scares you, let me tell you what is even scarier: not fulfilling the potential God wants for your life. That to me is what is scary.

So what will you do? Will you run and hide or will you just admit it? Face it, the man in the bible with the withered hand had to stretch it out if he wanted healing. He had been hiding his withered hand for years but when Jesus called him forth to heal him, he made him stretch it out. Everyone got to see that withered hand. It was probably tough at first but when he stretched it out, God healed him. It might be tough at first, but what is the alternative-keep a withered hand? Do you think that people did not know his hand was withered even though he probably hid it in his coat? People know! So since they do, JUST ADMIT IT!


~ by pennymaxwell on October 17, 2009.

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