5 Ways To Fight Discouragement (pt 2)

Continuing the post from yesterday…


#3 – Spend Lots Of Time Encouraging Other People

No one ever got angry at another person because they encouraged them too much.

I have found that when I am discouraged that is does my soul well to dig deep and find ways to encourage other people…because in this Jesus usually teaches me three things…

The first is – it’s not about me!

The second is – it’s not about me!

And the third is – it’s not about me!

When we find ourselves in a pit of discouragement we can often believe that others should see where we are and do all they can to get us out…

But reality is no one knows what you are thinking and how you are feeling…and when we expect people to read our minds/feelings we are setting ourselves up for failure.

BUT…when we can look past ourselves and actually begin to speak well of others–despite the fact that we are wrestling through some hard issues–we create an environment where encouragement can be given because we are the ones who actually stepped up and led the way.

(Quick note…if you are discouraged and are feeling overwhelmed…the BEST thing to do is get your team around you and just be honest!  One of the reasons many leaders feel discouraged is because they think people know exactly how they are feeling…and they don’t.  A leader HAS to be honest with the team he serves with about what is going on in his life!)

#4 – Get Some Rest

One of the main reasons I deal with discouragement is because I run at unsustainable paces so many times…and as a result I get tired.

A leader can NEVER underestimate how important rest is!!!

The problem is, especially with a driven leader, that guilt is usually HUGE when rest is taken…

I once heard someone say, “the devil never takes a day off…why should I?”  BUT…the last I checked the devil isn’t supposed to be our example!

Rested and refreshed leaders are essential in the church!!!

(One of my best friends, Clayton King, wrote this blog post on rest…and if you are a church leader you REALLY need to read it!!!)

#5 – Reflect On His Faithfulness

One of the reasons that a leader gets so discouraged about the future is because we forget about how faithful He has been in the past.

Seriously…we will allow some of the most insane things to discourage us…when reality is…

  • Jesus Christ is still the same…
  • He still loves the church…
  • His passion is still for the church to reach people…
  • He’s not surprised by what is happening to us…in fact, He’s prepared for it and willing to help if we will just ask.

Philippians 1:6 has gotten me through so many discouraging times…

He began this work…and HE WILL COMPLETE IT!  He may not complete it my way…but He will do it HIS WAY…and my job as a leader is not to convince Him that my way is best…but rather to seek His face, see His ways and make the necessary adjustments.



His faithfulness in the past is evidence that we have a future in Him…so GO FOR IT…and don’t allow circumstances to alter your view of His character–HE HAS NOT CHANGED (Hebrews 13:8) and is STILL able to do so much more than you could ever imagine!!!  (Ephesians 3:20)


~ by pennymaxwell on September 28, 2009.

One Response to “5 Ways To Fight Discouragement (pt 2)”

  1. Oh my gosh… I needed this so bad! I have been in a bit of discouragement with my church and my overseeing committee. Just a spirit of negativity and me never being able to please them! I’m a youth pastor in a small town. I meet you when I was in InterVarsity at UNC-Charlotte. Thanks for posting this. I couldn’t have read it and it apply more to my life than it does right now.

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