How Do You Determine Your Worth?


Many of you know that I have had mono for some time. Thankfully I am totally over it but it took nearly eight months. It was very difficult on me. Yes, I was tired all of the time. On Saturdays there were days where I would lay on the sofa all day just so I could make it through three church services the next day. I needed to rest so much and it was very challenging for a girl who likes to move and shake.

I mean let’s face it. I have a lot of hats I wear just like you do. I am a pastor, a mother, a wife, an employer, a friend, a taxi driver and the list goes on. I have so many things that I do every day and literally doing many of those were extremely difficult. There were days where I could not even hold my head up long enough to pack my kids lunches for school. Days where even getting up to fix dinner was not even an option. It was brutal at times for me because I felt like I was failing at everything that I was designed to do. I could not DO many of the things I was used to DOING any longer. That holds the key to what I want to talk about today.

I am one of those people who looks for God in every situation. Now God does not cause bad things to happen to people but He can and will use those challenging times to show us things about ourselves. God will never waste a hurt we go through, ever. For me, I realized when I could no longer DO the things I used to DO, that I felt less than. I had somehow equated me being a mother, a pastor, an employer, etc as WHO I WAS instead of something I was privileged to DO.

So let me break it down for you because I had eight long months to learn this lesson. If I was never able to pack another lunch, preach another message, disciple another person, cook another meal for my husband, or help another friend through a problem, I am still just as valuable. Of course we know that in theory but try being on your back for eight months and you just might have the same thoughts cross your mind. Our value comes from nothing more than just BEING a child of the King–that is it. Not in what we do, a gift or talent, or even helping someone through a tough time. Our value it simply because we belong to HIM. That is it.

I guess that I had somehow let myself think that I am valuable because I am a mom, or a wife, or a pastor, etc. Those roles are all an honor for me to play but that is not it at all. I have value and you have value because we were bought with a price. Jesus bought us with His blood. He paid a dear price for us and that is why we are valuable. It is not in DOING but in BEING. Yeah, I know, seems like and easy concept to get but oh so hard to really grasp at times.

Look at your heart today. If you were like me and your life had to cease as you know it for eight months, would you feel worthless? If you could not do much but lay on a sofa and muster the strength to go to the bathroom or eat a bowl of cereal, would that affect the value you place on yourself? I dare say most of us would say yes, it would affect the value we place on ourselves. But God determined your worth long before you were born. He said you were valuable because you belong to Him, you are His.

What a great lesson for me to learn. God loves me just as I am. He does not see my value based on a role I play, but just because I am His.  He sees you the same way. He loves you just because!

I hope you realize today just how valuable you are; your are priceless!


~ by pennymaxwell on September 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “How Do You Determine Your Worth?”

  1. Love this!!! Need to show this one to my parents 😉

  2. that was great and i needed to hear that again-
    i also had mono and a bad infection in my liver that knocked me out for 3 months a year ago last summer and i felt the same way when i could not DO and i just had to BE…i have been praying for you Pastor Penny because i have been there-
    I am so glad your feeling better!!!!
    love ya

  3. Pastor Penny that was SUCH a blessing for me to hear! Thank you so much for being so open and honest.

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