It’s Monday. Be Careful, Pastor.

I saw this post from a well known pastor and wanted to share it with you. If you are a minister,you totally get it. If you are not, maybe you can better know how to pray for spiritual leaders as you get a sneak peak into what life is like. It might also help you know why all of our pastoral staff is off on Mondays! Yep, this totally fits the title of my blog…..Confessions…….


It’s Monday. Be Careful, Pastor.

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If you are in any kind of ministry, leadership role, or work in a local church setting, you need to read this.  Why?  Because today is Monday, the most vulnerable day of the week for you.  The day you are most susceptible to temptation, pride, irritability, fatigue, and discouragement.  If there is one thing I know about Mondays in ministry, it’s simply this; after God uses me on Sunday, Satan and my flesh will come against me on Monday.

Sundays are game day for ministers.  It’s more than just going to church and doing your ministerial duties.  Sundays are the time when it all comes together; the lesson, the sermon, the conversations, the meal afterward with a family, the anticipation of what attendance will be, what the offering will look like, and what the response will be to the gospel.  The stress and pressure can literally beat a minister to the ground, but the strange irony is that it can also create within us an excitement that energizes us for the assignment.  It is actually the stress and adrenaline that do both; they motivate us to carry through and then they cause us to crash and burn both emotionally and physically.  Many ministers have no idea why they feel the way they feel on Monday.  They think they’re just tired.  It is so much more than that.

Physically, your body is wound up all day on Sunday, and if you are preaching more than one time, it’s compounded.  The chemicals in your body are raging; adrenaline, endorphins and dopamine give you the boost you need to get it done.  Then Sunday night rolls around, the big day is over and now is in the past, and your body is filled with the residue of these chemicals.  Some ministers fall right asleep from exhaustion.  Others can’t stop rehearsing the day in their minds and are up to the wee hours of the morning.

Spiritually, you just came out of a war.  Sunday is war and the minister is a warrior (if you think I am being over-dramatic, then you’ve never been through it, or you would totally understand).  God has used you to deliver His word to His people and there is a very real spiritual battle that has raged around you all day.  When it’s over, you are spent.  God has granted you the honor to serve Him and now you need rest and refreshing.  Your spirit is battle-weary.  You must renew your heart and soul.  But it’s hard to do that on Monday.  The tendency is to pack Monday full of meetings and busy work.  But Monday is the day you need to rest the most.

Right after God uses you is your most vulnerable time to sin.  Your guard is down and your defenses are weak.  It seems counter-intuitive but it’s true.  It could be a little pride in you from the good sermon you gave yesterday or discouragement because the family you hoped would come to Christ didn’t even show up.  Either way, you need a respite after your most difficult and taxing work day.  Monday is not the best day to play catch up.


1.  You are most vulnerable to criticism and discouragement.  Hold off on most calls and emails til Tuesday.  They can wait unless they are a medical or spiritual emergency.

2.  You are susceptible to sexual temptation, whether in person or online.  Monitor your mood and your online activity everyday, but particularly on Mondays.

3.  Fatigue from Sunday means you have less energy to focus on important tasks on Monday.  Schedule, in advance, important meetings, including staff meetings (if possible) to Tuesday.

4.  Hold off on making big decisions (staff, budget, family decisions) until you have had time to reconnect with God and regroup personally.  Most big decisions can wait a few days and the extra time may bring greater clarity.

5.  Plan margin on Monday.  Create uncluttered space to read, reflect, pray, eat lunch with your wife, take your kids to school, go to the gym, or (gasp!) take a nap.  You worked hard yesterday.  Take some time to rejuvenate today.It

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3 Responses to “It’s Monday. Be Careful, Pastor.”

  1. yep, that pretty much sums it all up it a nutshell … powerful stuff and a wonderful warning :o) And if you do it on wednesdays .. watch out for thursdays! :o)

  2. This is why I am so careful to protect my husband not only leading up to Sundays because of the huge importance of that day but also on Mondays too. Sundays is the day that we see people snatched out of the devils kingdom and he would like nothing more than to throw in some distractions to sideline that effort. Mondays are so much a day to rest and regroup and that is just as important to do too. We have to make sure we can run this race with endurance and we have to have time to just come down!

    If you read this and you are a spouse of someone in ministry, protect them!!

  3. I’m a man of God myself,and i believe that a minister must pray on mondays, to protect himself

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