Signs Of A Generational Curse In Your Family!


This past Sunday was amazing at church. We learned about generational curses that pass down from generation to generation and how without intentionality we will continue to let them be strongholds in our families. How do you identify that there is a curse in your family that needs to be broken? I will give you seven things to help you identify them.

Indicators of a curse.

1. History of mental and or emotional breakdown. (ie anxiety, depression, bi-polar, etc)

2, Repeated or chronic sickness (especially hereditary).

3. Barrenness, a tendency to miscarry or related female problems.

4. Breakdown of marriages and/or family alienation.

5. Continued financial insufficiency (poverty mentality).

6. Being “accident prone”.

7. History of suicides and unnatural or untimely deaths.

Now as was explained on Sunday, God does not curse people, but sin itself is cursed. When generations of our family members or we have willfully participated in sin, it brings in a curse. (Ex 20:5)  If you want a public example of this, look at the Kennedy family. Premature death and sickness is widespread in that family. My husband read aloud about 30 Kennedys who died prematurely. It is heart-breaking to think about.

I will talk more about curses soon. I will also talk about the best part, the blessings of God! I love the blessing part!

If you want to read up on curses and blessings, check out a book by Derek Prince called “Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose”.

Choose to identify the curses that may be holding your family back from living totally free in what God has for them! That is the first step!

More soon!

~ by pennymaxwell on September 16, 2009.

35 Responses to “Signs Of A Generational Curse In Your Family!”

  1. Penny is that book going to be available at church? Don’t want to miss that one…it is rare for your husband to mention a specific book so…must be powerful!! THANKS!!

  2. Yes, SALT ran out of them or we are ordering more. You can sign up to get one at the SALT table on Sunday. It is a powerful book!

  3. Enjoyed your post on curses. My husband and I have been teaching on this each week for a while. I love to see others thoughts about this subject. Thanks Sherry Burleson- The Refreshment Center, Houston, Al

  4. I just came upon this when I goggled Family Curses. I believe my family has a curse and the seven signs you stated my family has ALL. All family members with the last name Hourihan have gone through all kinds of hardship. My dad was basically abandoned after the early death of this father, my dad was 18 months old. My dad has suffered through health problems, depression, finacial diffulties throughout his 82 years of life and still to this day. I have four brothers and then me, the only daughter. My oldest brother has gone through the illness, my next brother is still going through financial and alcohol abuse and then my next brother is going through the financial, then me I am a bit of everthing, and my baby brother is the depression and financial. As soon as any of us get a happy momement it is destoyed within hours by receiving bad news in threes. I am now seeing all of this happen to my 24 year old son that carries the Hourihan name. I did not marry when I found out I was pregnant. His father abandoned him after 18 months. I have a daughter from my first marry, my marriage fell apart when my daughter was 18 months old. My daughters live is alot different and here last name is Moore. I don’t see the curse in here life.
    I believe the curse was created by my dad’s mother. Even though she went to a catholic church everyday she was a very evil person. She came back into my father’s life when I was 12 years old. I went to spend the weekend with her and my step-grandfather, she married him after the death of my grandfather and that man that she married told her she could take the daughter but the son had to go elsewhere, was not welcomed on his farm. So my dad was raised by aunts until age 15 when they got him into the Navy. So as I was saying I went to visit on the farm, there was me and one of my cousins from his son. I was treated like “IT” and she was lavished upon. I stayed the one night and went home the next morning and never visited them again.
    I believe in God and Jesus but I do not attend church because of reasons due to my grandmother. Went to church everyday and still was evil. Does not make since to me. I pray and talk to god. I mostly ask him to please watch over us there is so much bad around us and that is happening on this planet. I ask him “think maybe we can have one day of just happiness. I really getting tired of the violence and the mother nature castrophes going on.”
    I believe he’s trying but sometimes I wonder. My faith is getting put to the limit and I don’t know what to do. I read Daily Prayer for January 9 * God looks for one believer in each family who will stand in the gap and build a hedge to turn away his wrath. I hope I can be the one who stands before our Father on behalf of my family and bring some hope, fatih, and love back into my family. I will read the Prayer you’ve given everyday and hope that our Father will listen to me. Thank you for listening.

  5. My Mom died in 2000, but as long as I can remember she has said that our family was cursed. She never told me why, who or how. But she always said one of my great grandfathers (her father’s father) was the “devil himself” and I have heard other members of the family say the same thing. I am a Christian and so is my daughter and her family, however, my daughter has had so many problems with finances, health on her and her children and so many other things that keep going wrong. I have no idea what is happening in her family. She and I have been Christians all our lives and have been Baptized. So have the kids. How can I find out if there really is a curse and how can I completely delete the curse from her life. She has been married 15 years and so far all 15 years has been one disaster after another. Please advise. Thank You, Cher

  6. There is a great book by Derek Prince called “Blessing and Curse”. I would recommend reading that and also getting the book by Craig Hill called “Ancient Paths”. Both books are simply amazing!

    I trust they will help you figure out how to recognize what is going on in your family so you can stop it. God’s power is way stronger than any other!

    • Thank You Penny, I will try to find those books.

    • I’m reading Derek’s book and I am quite alarmed at his assertion that the OT curses in Deuteronomy still apply to us today.

      I can’t see God cursing those he has already blessed with every spiritual blessing.

      The book smacks of legalism – even though he writes a section about the curse of legalism.

  7. How generous and kind you are to share your story. I have recently met someone who no doubt has a horrible bloodline curse upon him and he has three young children! We are also experiencing demonic attention and are out of our element on how to handle this. Most pastors and churches won’t touch this, let alone acknowledge real evil. Other than a baptism for the whole family do you have any other suggestions? In light and with love~Stacie

  8. PLEASE HELP !! I see a financial oppresson within our family. My grandfather had financial issues, one of his sons did very well along with his son. But my dad (2nd. son) has had fianacial problems, along with me. But my older brother has done very well. Like the 1st born does well, but the ones after do not. sound crazy ?

  9. In my family its different, every first born for many generations has had unbearable misfortune, abuse or birth defects. It is beyond coincidence. Only the first born. What can cause something like this?

  10. Father’s 1st wife died, left 5 children. Married my mother, had 4 more children (I am next to youngest of these 4); she died, 3 of us were sent to orphanage, but since have been reunited. One of 5 half siblings comitted suicide. My first husband (32) was killed on his job when my sons were 11 and 12. My sister’s adoptive father lost his father when he was a child. My brother’s daughter’s husband died in his 40’s, leaving an 11 year old son. My sister’s daughter recently lost her husband to illness in his 40’s, leaving two children. I fear we are under a generational curse. I have a 3 year old grandaughter. I fear for my son’s life. What do I do? WHY, if this a curse, has it happened? And, what must I do?

  11. You must address all possible wrongs that may have been committed against other by your ancestors and you must do this verbally out loud. No other people need to be present when you do this but also pray forgiveness after you do this.

  12. ago. I was actually looking for someone elses home to look at. I decided reluctanctlI have just come across a pic of my mothers house-she died approx 2 yrs y to look at my moms home. I was reluctant as it was a horrifying childhood mixed with personality change. (parental) siblings use to talk about the footsteps they heard walking back an forth in the attic which was bedrooms. I was not superstitious-I was abused yet despite a tremendous faith and love for Jesus/God. Some details might horrify readers so i will not include any details of abuse here.

    Upon this evening i brought up my family home- a person with me said wouldn’t that be weird if you see a face in the windows..I chuckled somewhat then suddenly iin the attic window I saw a face of an old woman-it scared me and i don’t scare easily. when we zoomed in the face was the face of a demon.actually possibly Satan himself..a monsterous face. in another window stood which looked like a woman- of a long long time ago according to the style and hair..although the person with me said it looked like old war vetern. I have been searching for answers-As previous to the many bad luck if you would call it..real bad..all my life-including alienation of and by my family to me. My sibling use to call the noises ghosts when we were young…but i know there are only angels and demons. I did not believe in curses it is said that the faithful cannot be harmed as being under the protection of God..I write here not knowing why- but desperate it seems for some unanswered answers.

    What Did We see tonight through those windows?

    I am a strong believer in our lord and savior it has perservered sometimes barely through the many struggles i have suffered. Any one care to comment or have some explanation i would welcome it.

    God be with us.

  13. its seems as though the first part of my post above got cut off- hopefully it is understandable still.

  14. Well maybe everyone could say its a curse-I wrote here about such before but don’t see my post.

    nevertheless-My book will read to hell and back again. The curse maybe our reality-the reality of the world..society-and a God that has been forgotten.

    My life seems like a curse- but although something supernatural such as satan-plays in the lifes and words and actions of those that have invited him in- I still try to find a bit of hope-among the storms-that i have worked so hard to escape. My faith my believe in Jesus-God has been strong-I am comitted to he who created the world. I despise the evils though of the world. And that they are numerous.

    I once learned that everything that happened to me- was not my fault as a child-I could never heal because the abuse never stops or even ends with my family siblings ect. I have done all the work.I have left them to heal from not being included and abused as well as my children. Is this a curse? or is it simply or for a better word disfunctionally a group of selfish arrogant controlling to the point of no return people?

    I tried to heal- for so long- without my family-I had no one..till someone reminded me -that i had no one when i interacted with them..
    Ahh ts wisdom and knowledge thru the teachings of Jesus that will rise us above-the so-called ‘Curses’

    unfortunanetly the events happen quite frequently in my life with groups of others setting out to destroy me-How does one survive or even live to get past-This obsurd need for control and abuse upon others? biggest question is Why???

    gee i sure hope this is posted-feels good to write it out again like once upon a time my many journals.

    maybe people like me coming together- is the source of that greater healing -forget the curses…coming together in unity -in victimization-maybe to find understanding among one another -with the Hand of Jesus-guiding our ways and healing!

    Blessed be God-Blessed be his holy name.

  15. Hello, My grandma killed herself and my mom killed herself. My aunt has tried and she goes to a mental facility. My Mother took her life in 2007. She Loved the Lord so very much. Her life was the Lord’s. I have been in so many mental hospitals. I ended up starting in 2005 with a panic attack that lasts literally 24/7. I am still struggling with it. Usually, a panic attack is like 10 minutes but the one that attacks me just hasn’t gone away. I was SO suicidal for so long due to the torture. I have tried all the doctors anti-anxiety,depressants,convulsants,psychotics,beta-blocker, etc. The reason I can talk to you now is, I take morphine just to keep the panic attack away so I don’t take my life. I deal with anxiety all day. No, break in that but have learned to deal with a certain amount of torture. I know at least bad things happened within the last four generations now. I read books for generational curses and say the prayer and nothing. I Love the Lord so much! I am on soc. sec. and can’t work. I used to work but it has gotten to hard since 2005 when the panic never went away. I laid on my mothers floor for over a year or in the mental ward. I couldn’t brush my teeth,bath,change,eat, etc. My mom took care of me then killed herself. there has been major depression in my mom,aunt, and grandma. I need some Major help! I do have at least 5 total miracles that has saved my life yet I am always tortured. One, thing I do know is that the Lord and his blood is the answer. I just don’t know what sin in my ancestors caused Major depression,suicide,anxiety,panic,bi-polar,etc. All I know is My grandpa said grandma’s family were all crazy. They never went over to see them. My grandma might have been touch or more by her brother. That brother hung himself. Grandma most of her life was trying to take her life or in a mental hospital. She tried to jump of a bridge. She died in her young 50’s. My mom took her life in her early 50’s as well. I would have around age 27. There was more time also. Now my dad just died. The devil is trying to get rid of me. I don’t want to take my life and go to hell Please, if you have any advice please!

    Thanks, brother in Christ Jesus

  16. I Have for years believed my family was cursed there is so much stealing in my family and lying and depression and sadness , and financial i have read up on this so much time because i want to know how to help .i have continuously prayed and prayed wishing and believing to see a difference i have a child myself and worries about her life because i don’t want anything to follow her from my family . I cry about it all the time . Cause my heart tells me we are cursed but everyone else says no…

  17. hi, i believe that mine or my husbands family is curse maybe not from now but years ago. firstly my husbands parents had a daughter and she drowned at 10 months 26 years ago in a bucket of nappy cleaner and the bucket never fell over even though the weight was uneven cause she was leaning on the one side and 3.5 ltre bucket.. my daughter which looked exactly like there daughter drowned in a pond without any scratches or bruises ans the pond has rocks and bricks in and there was very little water in even less than what she bathed in. she was 15 months old.. its been a month now and ibcant help but think its a coinsidense.. and in my family there is a line of stillborn and miscarrages.. i was wondering if you could give me advice what i must do.. i cant risk loosing my unborn baby…

  18. I recommend Derek Prince book called “Blessing and Curse” Book for all that are under a curse or spell.That book is a great eye opener to all who are strugling with curse and spell.

  19. Dear Penny,

    I too can relate to these “family curses” within my own family. I had a grandfather who had committed suicide and left his beautiful wife and 2 wonderful girls (my aunt and my mother) when they were very young. I have an aunt who has liver cancer and I pray to god that she will live healthy for another ten years. I want her to see that I am successful before she leaves this earth, and I know that God will prevail through any circumstances. I also have a wonderful sister who is going through a divorce with a man who does not believe and I pray that she will come back home to us and rebuild her life. I know that God will help eliminate the sadness and depression in our family because He is just and loving beyond any human potential. I just prayed that He will strengthen me in saying the right things and to make me strong in hopes to become an example of His ultimate love and forgiveness. I usually do not post things on the internet, but I wanted to tell you “thank you” for making me realize that family curses do exist and that God will always guide us out of the darkness; all we need to do is ask Him.

  20. Hi Jenny,

    I found your blog and have some questions. How do you break a generational curse once and for all and how do you know if you really have one? My pastors says that if your are a child of God – born again – these things can’t hold you back. I have had a very difficult life – my father abandoned my mother after I was born. My grandparents took us in and my grandfather got sick, lost his job and had a breakdown. He died about five years later and left my grandmother broke and in debt. My mother lost her job a year later and lost a succession of jobs only to have to work at 79 years of age because she has no pension and not enough to retire on. Our townhouse is paid off – but its hard to keep up with the bills. To make a long story short – I didn’t graduate from college until I was 36. I worked in law enforcement and encountered extreme corruption and after ten years – I was forced out – that was back in 2001 and I have been unemployed for 7 out of 11 years. I went into sales and I did well – but its a crapshoot unless you get into Pharmaceutical sales and they want younger reps under 30. I did manage to get a high paying sales job and lost it due to breast cancer back in 2008. I was early stage – but the problem is I’m now 50 and unemployed again and for over a year due to downsizing at a local company. I have been through brutal periods of unemployment for 2 – 3 years at a time. I have a lot to offer in either law enforcement or business sales – I’m not the type to work in a office – I was on a SWAT (CERT) Team for five years and need lots of autonomy. Many other believers just tell me to suck it up and take anything – I have done that and you can’t pay the bills that way. No matter what I do nothing ever seems to change. You can only be retrained so many times and again – I work best with lots of autonomy. How do I rise above this situation? I have prayed and other believers have prayed – but after a life time of this how long can one wait? My poor mother has endless health problems and has to work and I can’t help her because when I am employed – I don’t make enough. I’m at the end of my rope with this – I just can’t keep up with it anymore and after the cancer treatment – I can’t go out and work 2 -3 part time jobs like I used to. I’m writing a book (expos) with the hope of getting an agent and I have another book for cancer survivors. I really need a break because I just can’t keep up with this anymore. Can God change things for the better. I have always had very lofty career goals – but can never get past the roadblocks.

    • I would really encourage you to read the book Blessing and Cursing by Derek Prince. It really explains a lot and will help you to understand the things that sometimes can catch us off guard. It will explain way more than I ever could on here.

  21. I have lived a life of hardship. Death, mental illness, misfourtune, striff, etc. Do I think we might be cursed, maybe. I have strength, faith, family, and most of all the gift that God gave me…ME. I am strong and I and strong with him. We are not alone. I, we are strong. Do not loose faith. Reach out, fight, BELIEVE. I don’t know if I can help but I believe. We are all blessed and loved.

  22. What are curse

  23. I was doing research on family cures’s and came across this. My family has All of them. Now I fear that it is affecting me. I have nightmares that are so bad that I don’t want to go back to sleep or even sleep period I’m always afraid especially at night some times I feel like some thing is about to grab me when nothing is there. Then at other times I feel like nothing can touch me. I all ways feel a presence around me. I have recently been trying to get right with God and I have noticed that it has just gottin worse. To give you a short family history of mine. My grand dad was a red dragon of the kkk I only knew him from a sort period; I was 4 when he died. my parents split when I was 10 and and every thing has gone down hill since then. My brother has lost 5 friends in one year when we where in jr high. I have been sick my whole life and I just recently beet stage three melanoma. I never knew about family cures’s in tell my friend said some thing to me about a few nights ago. I was wanting to know how you brake or if this is even what it is or if I just have one screwed up family. I just want to put out there that I believe in God to the up most,

    • Yes it can be broken! I tell everyone who asks about this to read the book Blessings and Cursing by Derek Prince. I think it will really help you to figure some stuff out. Jimmy Evans did a series on Generational Curses as well. Check that out too. His website is

  24. My family on my father side has been cursed. Every one on his side of the family has to be invole or start a tramatic experience revoling around fire. For example, my father set his entire apartment building on fire, my cousins family died long with baby, parents and grand parents. She was the sole survioror. Me and my twin sister set a kitchen on fire twice. And my aunt i never met died in a bad house fire she could of survive.

  25. I have a family curse
    Number 4 and 5 how do I get rid of this curse

  26. How can I get one of the books? I don’t have a credit card but I could probley pay through mail I do believe I am cursed its always been me n my mum when I was younger I would see dark shadows and they would just follow me and no matter what I did they would eventually follow me wherever I moved and I know I’m not crazy or paranoid because my friend has seen it come after me to…please help idk what to do I have had horrible luck and misfortune my entire life and just recently it started affecting my entire life like all of a sudden 3/4 of my family has gotten sick with cancer or has died from it when all the people arehealth nuts I don’t see how that’s possible and just a week ago I went to go see. Y friends baby and two days later he died with no cause of death I think its very weird howeverybody I’m around gets sickor dies idk what to do help me please…I’m constantly depressed from it all….even thougheveryone else is sick I’m fine besides the fact that I e been trying to conceive for three years with my husband but I cant….what should I do?

    • its me chris again i just wanted to update on everything everything is still bad but it got worse now our electric got shut off we’ve been sleeping in a garage the last three days due to the fact my fiance just lost his job and i cant get hired anywhere i went to the psychiatrist i was diagnosed with manic bi-polar depression,schizophrenia,paranoia,anxiety/panic attacks and my homicidal/suicidal thoughts are getting worse. i know im not crazy i cant hep these horrible thoughts in my head im schizophrenic because i see and hear dark shadows….and i have depression because all the stress financial/health probem in my family. i have no idea what to do……please give me advice i just want to put myself out of my own missery because it feels like its my fault for my familys situationa nd i cant help them and im right there but at the same time im so far away…. 😦

  27. curses are real.when i was a young girl i saw my late mother pratise witchcraft and all the signs of a curse mentioned here are very evident in our family. Jesus delivers, He saves may he save our family AMEN

  28. I want to extend a prayer for all of you that have shared their story here. I have struggled with my own families problems for quite a while. My paternal grandfather died in a car accident with another woman. My father and aunt were quite young and they were sent to different relatives while my Grandmother found another husband. My maternal grandparents divorced but lived to quite old ages. My parents had a child when they were teenagers and should not have married. I came next after they married and am the only son. My Father has many problems including alcoholism, financial issues, health and abuses his second wife verbally and emotionally.

    I did not go to church as a child but found Christ as an adult. A friend mentioned generational curses but I hadn’t done much research until now. I can say that I’ve taken these things to heart and have taken steps to try and turn my life around. I have chosen to not perpetuate the behavior that my family has shown me. I was celebite for nearly ten years and now for more than five. I have struggled to have a relationship with any family member or romantic relationship and am determined to get my own house in order before I have a family of my own.

    Remember that you are not alone. If you found this place, you must be looking to do something about your path. Keep the faith and continue to find answers.

  29. Every First Born Son Has Died At the Age of 36 of heart attract .. I am 35yr of age yet I am female born to this son and only child ever ……. every First born son Has Died at the age of 36 yet again… I have been havering fainting spells that has increasing to every month. The doctors cant find what wrong with me . My blood pressure is low my collateral is low.. I Have two kids from two different Father one 4yr and a another 16yr of age please I don’t want to leave them All-own. please contact me at
    I don’t wont to leave them alone. If any one knows how to stop A curse like this .. PLEASE LET ME KNOW …. PLEASE!!!PLEASE!!!

  30. Goodmorning Mrs. Maxwell, I ran across your article because I’m trying to find reason for my loss of my mother to mental illness, my father to heart diease. My great-grandfather owned 7 mile radius of land. My grandfather left and moved to colorado. Where his marriage ended and began the chain of divorces. My father owned a business and destroyed by greed, jealousy, and other various things by my step-brothers. They blamed my mother but it had to deal with generational curses. I’m learning that poverty wasn’t all that happened but heart diease, mental illness but it seems coming from various things. May seem crazy for what I say but I was 3 or 4 years of age when I saw something that no child should ever see. Never saw horror movies til 8 yrs old but I saw a demon in its form. I just want to know is that thing following my family and why. Pls get in touch with me thanks.

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