Wake Up Call!

Today church was amazing. The message was called, “Stop Dating The Church!” In the message, there were so many great points but what brought tears to my eyes was what happened at the end.

My husband talked about how many people when asked about church say, “Well I don’t need to be part of a local church body, I am part of God’s universal church.” Well let me tell you, when you go through a situation, which “universal church” do you call? Who prays with you or with your family? Who brings you meals? Who sits by your bed? Joel Osteen (as much as I love him) is not going to come through the t.v. and sit with you.

In the bible the church “universal” was spoken about 29 times, the other 91 were referencing the local church. Being a part of the church universal is great, but you cannot have one without the other. If you are a apart of the local church, you are a part of the church universal and vice-versa.  It would be like saying you are a part of the United States but don’t have a county or city you reside in. It just does not make sense. Cities ARE what make up the U.S. You gettin’ this?

I hope this is wake up call for those of you who never thought being planted in a church was important. The bible says that those who are PLANTED in the house of God shall flourish (Ps 92:13)! Are you flourishing? Are you planted?

Anyway, this message is from someone who can attest to the local church. It is Thurman Wells. Enjoy.


~ by pennymaxwell on August 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “Wake Up Call!”

  1. Hollis said this dropped in his spirit while PT was preaching: “You can’t have an address in the United States without identifying with a state, and you can’t have an address in the Universal Church without identifying with a church body.” I’m still chewing on that.

  2. This sermon really hit home to me. I was just sitting in the bath tub yesterday and talking and praying to God because I am just sick in tired of juswt going to church. And at that I go when I want. I am sick of going to church and not getting involved and connected with other. All I do on Sunday’s is go to church and hear the word and leave. Yes I try to the best of my ability to apply the word to my life but I am not connecting with others at Freedom House Church and I am not doing anything in the church to connect like for example get involved in children church, a greeter or other services. i started to pray to God and ask Him where do he want to place me in Freedom House or what do he want me to do so i can get more involved. I am tired of just coming to church and not getting connected and I want to get connected with Freedom House. Yes I joined the church but I do not know what or where I can be placed in the church. I am not an musician or the greatest singer but I am ready to get to work for the Lord because I love ypu so so much and I want to help save souls too. Pastor Penny and Pastor Troy where you need I am ready to get connected and get to work. I am yearning for more and more God in my life. Please pray for me because I have been laid off my job since January 2009 and I am going to school online to finish my college degree because I do not have one. i am a single mom of 2 beautiful children and being to connected to Freedom House is the best blessing in the world. I am so blessed and glad I was by a co-woker to come to visit Freedom House Church.

  3. Thurman is just such a big Teddy Bear. He made me cry. Also…great point about the local church. If you are not part of a local church and something like this happens then you are so very alone. (Kim Z)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this video! I was out of town and missed the service and am thankful for having the chance to see Thurman’s update. Love you all so much!!

  5. I have always appreciate Thurman and his “welcoming hug” each Sunday morning and his beautiful wife Debbie is always there as you come in the door to support him. I remember when my dad first visited with me, Thurman was so welcoming, my dad said, are all members this nice. I miss you Thurman and am so praying for your recovery. FHC and Charlotte need you and your example of what a Christ Follower is.

  6. P.T. Was on fire! I now have part 1 and part 2. There was one girl inparticular in my salon I wanted to hear the message. Once the other girls saw the impact it had in her they are all lined up to listen to it. They all say its to far to drive so I have decided after hearing this message that if they won’t come to fhc then I will bring fhc to them. Maybe then they will become inspired and realize how important it is for them to find a church close to them and “get planted” one girl is already in search and has visited a local church. I hope they all follow in those footsteps but I must say FHC is worth the drive. I think I would walk if it came down to it. 🙂

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