Update on Thurman!

I wanted to give you a little more info on Thurman because I know everyone loves him and wants to know. Thurman still needs our prayers and he is still in intensive care. You can pray that he has total brain function and no memory loss. They will continue testing on him tomorrow and as of yet have not given a prognosis. Now, I am clinging to the Word of God as the final authority and the only report that I will believe; I pray you join me in that. Life-giving words are all that should be spoken over him.


Today I spent most of the day with Thurman. He was funny and made me laugh all day. He would shout “HI” at anyone who would pass by his room and he would say the funniest things! I am making a mental list of them although I will not put some things on here, they will be held for future use for sure!! Thurman did keep asking about his Harley and where it was. He also kept asking why he was not at church. He tried to pull out his tubes at one point because he said he needed to get to church and hug people! That was priceless! Debbie and I laughed so hard at some of the things he did.

Pastor Andre was by his bed too and had Thurman repeating, “Pastor Andre is my favorite worship leader!” Guess Pastor Cliff and Pastor Clint better spend some time reversing that! 🙂 Thurman also lit up at a picture of Pastor Andre’s son, Jaxon.

Thurman’s favorite thing to say right  now to anyone who stands by his bed is, “In a world of give and take there are not enough people willing to give what it takes.” He would say that over and over and finally we all memorized it and would repeat it with him.

When someone goes though something like this you see their true colors; there is no hiding. Thurman is not totally aware of what he is saying but let me tell you what is coming out of his mouth. His love for his wife, his love for his family, his love for his church and his love for his friends. He also told every person who came to see him that he loved them and they were special. Even when he is a bit under the weather love pours out of this man. His nurses said to me today, “We can tell this man is a sweetheart.” I told them they had no idea just how much of one he is.

So feel free to send your well wishes and I will make sure to read them to him. He still cannot have a bunch of visitors since he is in ICU but his heart is to have you all at his bedside. He loves you and cannot wait to get back on the door hugging you!


~ by pennymaxwell on August 18, 2009.

7 Responses to “Update on Thurman!”

  1. It was so good to see his wonderful face and Andre and I are praying praying praying!!

  2. Please tell Thurman Ron B Smoov is praying for him too and I miss his Sunday morning hugs. They are PRICELESS….!!!!!

    BIG THANKS…..!!!!!

  3. Please tell Thurman we miss him and love him so much. We have a special smiley face sticker waiting in the Promised Land just for him.

  4. Pastor Penny. Please tell Thurman that we have been thinking of him every day and missed his smile and hug on Sunday! We are praying for his full recovery! He is loved!

  5. Pastor P- thanks for the updates. Those Sunday hugs and his greeting every Sunday mean the world to me. I don’t know quite how to explain what it means to someone like me who grew up with a rocky relationship with her dad and men in general…and is here in Charlotte trying to make it on her own as a young person fresh to the ‘real’ world. I have so many spiritual mothers and fathers in the church. It is awesome to be in a place such as FHC that is safe and you can trust those around you. Those hugs mixed with the genuine care and concern touch a part of my heart that is hard to explain. I remember one Sunday I didn’t see Thurman on my way into service but he found me as I was leaving and said “I gotta get my hug, I saw you during service but you were on the other side of the sanctuary” or one Sunday after I had missed the previous week he asked “where were you last week.” He might not know how much that touches someone but the fact that he notices and truly cares for the people of the church is something that shows the bigness of his heart. Hug him for us PP. :0)

  6. I told Thurman tonight of all the blog comments and of all the people who were waiting to see him in the ICU waiting room. He started to cry and he said, “What I do matters doesn’t it?” I told him that it does matter and everyone wants him back real soon!

    He misses and loves everyone! At one point there were so many people in the waiting room Thurman wanted to know if we could wheel his bed out there to see everyone! He was just precious talking to people as they came in.

    His memory was better today as well. He could retain more information today than before. Praise God for that. It will keep improving each and every day!

  7. Thurman, they left this note for you so I wanted to post it for you!

    Hi Thurman this is a message form Dave and Aimee Johnson ( Dave is the nurse who is usually dressed in scrubs, you always ask about if he is not there). WE just wanted to let you know how much we love you. Even though you don’t know us very well you have impacted our lives. Always giving a hug and welcoming us in. To soooo many people you are like the tangeable arms of Jesus. Embracing those he loves as they walk into be with him. We are praying daily for you, and sometimes in the middle of the night when Dave gets home. Our little girls are also praying to have Jesus make Thurman better too! WE are trusting God for your healing!
    Love Dave, Aimee Xara, Kindallyn, Kassidy and Noah Johnson

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