Thinking of Thurman!

Many of you know who Thurman Wells is. Even if you did not know his name, he shook your hand and hugged your neck as you walked in the doors of Freedom House Church. He is the big teddy bear with a smile that greets you each week.


Well a few days ago he had a heart attack and collapsed on the floor at his home. He is in the ICU at the hospital and so many of us have been covering him in prayers. I believe that the way the events have unfolded it is nothing short of a miracle that he is alive. His story, I believe, will be told from the stage of Freedom House very soon. Please keep praying for him as the next few days are very critical. We are believing for TOTAL healing for his body. I will let him fill you in on what all has transpired when he shares his testimony but I had to tell you what was on my mind today as I was “Thinking of Thurman”.

I drove to the hospital to see Thurman and all I could think about is how much my family loves that man! I had just returned from a two week trip and my car had been detailed, a broken lock fixed on the door, and the gas tank was full. Who did that? Thurman Wells. He wanted to make sure that he blessed us while we were gone and when I was driving up to the hospital today, all I could feel was his love as the car smelled fresh and clean; the tires sparkled too. His love seemed to surround me as I sat in the car. I felt overwhelmed being in the car and feeling his love like that. It was amazing. Thurman had been thinking of our family and our family was now thinking about Thurman.

It does not matter which memory I pull upon, Thurman and his wife Debbie have always been there for Troy and myself, our kids too. It could be with an encouraging word, a hug, a prayer, or one of the many special ways Thurman takes care of our family. Even when I have to zoom off to cheerleading practice with the girls on Sunday afternoons; Thurman has the getaway car ready for me so my girls are not late. We hop in the car and he even has the air on so the car is not hot. I even fussed with Thurman before about not having to do that but he would always reply, “This is what God made me to do!” Now who can argue with that? I sure quit!

Thurman looks for ways to serve people. If you ask anyone at Freedom House to share a moment with you about Thurman, it would be about him serving them and loving on them in some shape or fashion. He has the heart of a servant and that is a rare commodity. Try to out serve him, bet you can’t!

So I just wanted to share what was on my heart today as I thought about Thurman Wells. Even laying in a hospital bed with lots of tubes, he still looks beautiful, like an angel! He is so loved and so appreciated! Thurman, get better soon! Nobody shakes a hand or hugs a neck like you! We want you back very soon!

So Thurman, it is evident from the outpouring of love and visitors who have been by your hospital bed just how loved you are! We love you Thurman Wells!


~ by pennymaxwell on August 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Thinking of Thurman!”

  1. His kind eyes and warm hugs have been burning in my memory since I heard of the heart attack. What a heart for God and service, and you are right Penny, we all should try and outserve him…bet we can’t too. I can’t wait to see him back at the front door in the coming days ahead.

  2. I am happy to hear the progress for Thurman.Unfortunately I am in route to NYC….so please tell Thurman I WILL see him when I get back. To much to do still, for me ad him, but we will get there. get well Thurman.

  3. We were down at the beach with George and Hannah Bell and the rest of the kids when we got the news. Everyone prayed as we continued to watch for updates. Thurman is a great example to all of us and a great credit to Freedom House Church. (Kim Z)

  4. Wow! What an incredible story. We have been praying for him several times a day since we heard. We got a call Thursday night late and was told to call anyone we could think of to pray. We went to see him Friday and Makeda was there and Megan and Clint were on there way and I heard that so many people had been there praying with him and Debbie. What is so amazing to me is the way that FHC came together for him during this time. That is love lived out and I for one and thankful to be a part of such an awesome church who truly loves. We should all sit back and praise God that we can be a part of such a place with such real people, especially when it counts!

  5. I will tell him that you guys are praying for him. It will mean a whole lot to him!

    Funny thing is that today when Todd Hudson was at his bedside he leaned down to Thurman (with tubes and everything coming out all over the place) and said, “Thurman don’t worry, you are still better looking than Paul Gilhool!” How funny is that!

    Today Thurman kissed his wife, smiled, and whispered a few times when he was able to. He is really a true miracle! He is recovering nicely and has come a LONG way! Debbie is so thankful to everyone!

  6. Thurman I wish you get well we all love you very much, I’m still praying for you and hopefuly you will be out of the hospital soon. I’m praying that you will have a fast recovery. I do miss you alot when u are not by the door greeting @ everyone. I’m doing great still resting from surgery so I know how you feel when u just want to get out of the hospital and just start working for jesus I was just there myself 4 weeks ago. and god will heal you, just like he has done for me. when you get out of the hospital, I’ll be standing by door welcome you back to church and praising god that he heald you and I do believe that you are going to be heald and you will be ok and your memory will be fine in Jesus name. for now just take it easy relax and let god do the miracle in your heart becuase I have faith and believe that you will recover fast okdokey love ya brother 🙂

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