Get Some Fuel! Fuel Up!

Ok, most of you know from reading my Facebook and following me on Twitter (@PennyCMaxwell) that I am at a pastor’s conference in Seattle. It is off the hook. So here are some great quotes from the conference, tell me what blesses you the most. I loved them all!


Don’t excuse the progress God wants to do in your life by saying, “This is just who I am!” -Kevin Gerald

U better pray like Moses and fight like Joshua. -David Youngi Cho

Fire up your spirit, upgrade your thinking, exercise self-control. Lift the people around you! -Kevin Gerald

Don’t be a negaholic! Negative people need to drink in the Holy Spirit! God did not make you to be negative no matter what is going on around you! -Jentezen Franklin

How well you do when times are rough will determine your success in life! -Kevin Gerald

Faith is not denying reality; it is the acknowledgment of a greater reality! -Jim Reeve

God takes rebellion seriously because he takes authority seriously. We need to bring back honor! -Brandon Stewart

Listen to the right voice! Your life depends on it. –Me

He who is afraid of doing too much does too little. -Kevin Gerald

So many people focus on feeling valued rather than adding value at church. It will hold up Kingdom progress if you don’t grow up! -K.G.

Spirituality does NOT make up for practicality. The fruit of your life must match. -K.G.

You need to stay up with the times. Churches should have a presence on Twitter and Facebook. Why? Because that is where the people are and we are all about people! –Sheila Gerald

The drier the bones, the greater the miracle. -Paul Dejong

Stop begging for “deep” teaching and just do what you already know to do. THAT is what will change your life. -Paul Dejong

People seem NOT to understand that their outlook of the world is a confession of their character. Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s not all about you! Be a generation builder! -P.D.


~ by pennymaxwell on August 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Get Some Fuel! Fuel Up!”

  1. Why cant I find you on twitter? I just left Seattle on Sunday Aug 2nd and spent all day Monday Aug 3rd in Boston..delayed flight…grrrr.
    “Listen to the right voice,your life depends on it”
    There are so many voices…we have a choice of which one to hear…I made a choice to listen to the wrong voice for so long, the tape recorder in my head of what the wrong voice wanted me to hear for 30 years. When you tune in to the “right voice” life becomes something you “get” to do not something you “have” to do.

  2. Try @PennyCMaxwell and see if that works. That should be my Twitter account. If that does not work send me your and I will follow you. Hopefully it works!

  3. I dont know what Im doing wrong, I cant find you on twitter. I am sure it is operator error. lol I have been following P.T. for a while but I cant find you so maybe you can find me jeanniesebastia

  4. Yes the people are on facebook and twitter. People just want to feel like they belong to something and if we can keep them involved in church and in the lives of people making a difference in this world, they will too! I think our church does a great job with this and it gives people that sense of belonging that so many are looking for! Jam up job, FHC!

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