Wow, Wow, Wow!


This past week was simply amazing at the Crocodile Dock Kids Kamp! The only word I know to use to tell you how amazing it was is, WOW! We had 705 children come to the dock this week! Then we had 534 children and parents come to know Jesus as a result. That does not even include the Sunday services that were literally packed out! Many more came to know Jesus at the Sunday finale.

I just have to say that NONE of that would have even been possible without the generosity of so many. The people of Freedom House not only gave of the financial resources to see this kamp happen for free, but they gave of their time and their talent each and every night of the kamp!


Please know that you changed lives! You changed families! You changed eternity for a lot of people! May you never forget the impact that you have had on people simply because you decided to be used by God for something bigger than yourself. You made your life count and for that I am so thankful.


Freedom House Church, you rock!


~ by pennymaxwell on July 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Wow, Wow, Wow!”

  1. GOD ROCKED THE HOUSE IN CHARLOTTE….. Praise the Lord…..

  2. Ok, so check this out, this Sunday a bunch of kids and parents responded to wanting Jesus in their hearts too! The total number of salvations including Sunday is 722! Can you believe that, 722!!!

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