Know Who Is Beside You! (And Who Is Not)


I am going to write a bit more about the recent pastors conference that I went to. Like I have said before, it really impacted me. Here is another great message that T.D. Jakes spoke. This changed my perspective on so much in my life. Again, remember that he is speaking to a small group of pastors but I really feel that anyone can relate to this.

3 Kids Of Relationships that you have! Know who is beside you!

1. Confidant

-you only have a few of these

-they are truly there for you

-they care about you

-you can say things to them that you would never say to the masses

-they stand the test of time

2. Constituents

-they act like confidants but are not

-they are not for you but they are for what you are for

-they will work and labor for you in the fight

-if you confuse them with confidants, you will be greatly hurt

-if they see someone else driving who will get them there quicker, they will hop out of your car

-remember, they are not for you only what you are for, understand that they are only with you until……

3. Comrades

-they are against what you are against

-the fight is the only attraction

-don’t marry your life to a comrade

-when the evil is gone they are back to fighting against you, then the relationship is off

Hope this made you think as much as it made me think! I loved this session! So impactful! What spoke to you the loudest?


~ by pennymaxwell on July 6, 2009.

9 Responses to “Know Who Is Beside You! (And Who Is Not)”

  1. Pastor Penny “Constituents” spoke to me the most. Wow..what a revelation!!! A constituent can be useful but you have to watch what you say and understand their place. That has been my problem. I have confused my constituents with confidants several times. I have gotten hurt by doing this. This is awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh man, I just had this conversation with my boys on yesterday about the same thing. Holy Ghost really hooked this up!

    Much love…….

  3. D, you and me both! I think that is why this meant so much to me. I will never forget this message. I pray that I will keep it close to my heart and guard my heart at the same time.

    As I have often said though, in our hearts we already know who is what category, we just sometimes do not want to hear what is often glaringly loud.

  4. This was awesomee-a very timely message for the season of the church. So many leaders falling, so many getting hurt by people who “act” like they are your confident–they look good and sound good, but if you look for the fruit–you just won’t find it. And if things get tough–they just are not there. This is a good reminder to keep our spiritual eyes open wide and really listen to the small voice inside saying “be careful, things are not as they seem”. Unfortunately , this goes back to true Honor as John Bevere spoke about-usually the key is these people honor no one, not even themselves. Thanks Pastor Penny for sharing this awesome message. Love you

  5. Comrades made my jaw DROP! The first person who came to mind is a relative. I’ve been praying about our relationship for months because I thought I had a confidant. Now I’m not so sure. Thank you!

  6. Wow. If this isnt one of the hardest things to do as leaders, i don’t know what is…did this conference offer any of these messages online?

  7. No it was not an open conference. I just decided to share some of the amazing things they talked about. It was truly great to hear from such seasoned leaders about how they have navigated the waters of ministry. Amazing stuff. I will keep blogging about it if it helps you! 🙂 I know it helped me for sure!

  8. Yes, share on… 🙂

  9. Bishop I am blessed with this topic,it is powerful ,it has big impact to individual.

    Can you send me an outlined with this topic????just send it to my email address. i will used it during my bible class lecture.

    God Bless..

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