There Is A Gap!

Pastor Donna Crouch spoke at Freedom House Church recently. I really respect someone who has served at the same church for over 20 years in a leadership position. She loves Hillsong Church and talked about her experiences there and how she has navigated them. She also was at a pastor’s conference speaking recently. Troy and I were there too and got to hear more from her. It was amazing! I will let you in on some of it. She had to get up and speak after T.D. Jakes! Ha!


Vision in leadership always creates a gap.

-How do you handle that gap?

-Leaders will always show you where you are now and where you could be. Will you go there?

-Don’ get mad at the gap, they are there to push you forward even if you don’t like it.

-Do you own the vision or babysit it? Body language will show who is with the vision.

-As a leader, look for the language in people that shows them to be an armor bearer.

-Body language, good or bad, can manipulate a whole meeting. Watch for this. It will show you a lot.

-If you are close to your senior leaders, you must know what those gaps are. What are they expecting? Gaps are a good thing.

As a leader, you must pick the battles you are going to fight.

-You cannot possibly think you should track down every person who feels unappreciated.

-You cannot change someone who is envious or jealous, don’t try to. Move on, their speak will give them away.

-If you have put people in a position of leadership in your church, you must trust their decisions.

-Look for undercurrents (my word) in scenarios you encounter because many battles are NOT what they appear.

Ok that was just a little. I will share more later. This pastor’s conference was really great and informative. Anything ring a bell for you?


~ by pennymaxwell on July 1, 2009.

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