Beware Of Silent Disciples!

Ok, so now I get to elaborate what T.D. Jakes ministered to us this week. I gave you a few bullet points but I am going to elaborate on a few of his points because I think they deserve to be expounded upon. Remember the context, it was a very small group of pastors. More to come later!


Jesus looked at His disciples and let them know that He is aware there are a bunch of rumblings going on about Him. There are all sorts of people who are “deciding” who they “think” Jesus is. So the disciples speak up and say, “Well “some say” you are Elijah, “some say” you are John the Baptist, “some say” one of the prophets.” (By the way, enemies can never agree on you). He then said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter speaks up and says, “You are the Christ.”

So what is the point? The point is that when Jesus asked the disciples what all the rumblings were, they all answered with the gossip, they spoke up. When Jesus said who do YOU say that I am, only Peter spoke up then. Why? Sometimes it is not what the one says that is key but what the other eleven don’t say. The eleven were able to regurgitate what the others said without pause.

Let’s break it down. These people watched storms calmed, blinded eyes healed, marriages restored, Jesus walk on water, a small boys lunch be multiplied to thousands, and the list goes on. So why could the eleven only answer what the crowd said? I mean Jesus hand-picked these guys. These are the ones who were supposed to have His back. He pointed them out and gave them position. He showed them their destiny and they say NOTHING about Him? What the heck? They just let the crowd speak and stay silent?

Beware of the silent disciples, the ones who know better but choose to say nothing. It is hard to lead people who say nothing when the crowd is conjecturing. BUT….the silence of the eleven will not abort the purpose of God in your life. All you need is one out of twelve who gets it. After all of this happened, Jesus looked at Peter and said, “I can build on you!”  In fact He built His church on Peter. Thank you Peter for getting it!

So my take away is that those who remain silent when the conjecture starts are the ones to watch out for. See those are the same ones you helped with their marriages, helped them financially, helped them in their grief, helped them when the storms of life were raging. They are the ones you hand-picked to walk along side of you. They are the ones who have the opportunity to build the Kingdom the greatest, if they decide to speak up. They are close to you, why don’t they speak up?

If God has given you a platform to lead His people, either as a Senior Leader or along side of one, will you be one of the eleven or will you be the one that the Kingdom of God can be built upon? Which do you choose? The Senoir Leaders know whom they can build the Kingdom of God on. Is that person you?

What is your takeway from this? I would love to hear!


~ by pennymaxwell on June 27, 2009.

7 Responses to “Beware Of Silent Disciples!”

  1. I am impressed with this blog. It makes us all think about who we are and who surrounds us.

    Peter knew Jesus was the real deal. As a fellow pastor I have always told my acquaintances that Pastor Troy Maxwell is the real deal. I have known many Pastors down through the years. I am impressed by your sincerity. It is my prayer that God will surround you with leaders who recognize who you are, celebrate you and be loudly vocal.

    God Bless, Pastor Ron Lambright

  2. good stuff honey. I love me some TD.

  3. I am going to respectfully disagree with this interpretation. The scripture he is describing is Matt 16:13-20, Mark 8:27-30, and Luke 9:18-21. Jesus’ 1st question was “who do men/crowds/they say the Son of Man is?” and then the disciples answered. It doesn’t say which disciple answered so for all we know Peter could have also responded to the “they” question. When Jesus ask a direct question of “who do YOU say that I am?” It is Peter and only Peter between the 3 stated scriptures that answers. And Matt 16:17 Christ continues by saying it was not “flesh and blood” that revealed this but “My Father”. In others words it was not theirs or your human wisdom but God. And then in v20 Jesus warns the disciples not to “tell” anyone that He was the Christ. (And let’s not forget Peter later denied Christ.) So what is really the point of this “opinion” of silent disciples; simply to have your leader’s back and stop the gossiping? Good point, but poor choice of an example. With the exception of Judas, who was actually one of the vocal ones at times, may we all be so courageous to be one of the “11” as this was stated. To be beheaded, crucified upside down, or executed by sword for spreading and living out the Gospel.

  4. Disa, there were many examples of them being corrected and told they had little faith. It did not have much to do with the fact that they would die courageous deaths, I think we can all learn from the lessons stated. He also called Peter,”Satan” at one time as well. He still chose to build the church on him. He knew he would deny Him, but He still chose to build the church on him nonetheless.

    I would think that to be with Jesus all the time like they were, to not shout out, “YOU ARE THE CHRIST” would be sort of odd. If I sat with him day, after day, after day, after day, and watched him walk in love, healing people, setting them free, restoring them, and witnessing miracle after miracle, I just might speak up.

    The point is not what the one says, but often what the other 11 don’t say.

  5. Matthew 16:15 – “He said to THEM, But who do you say that I am?”
    Mark 8:29 – “He said to THEM, But who do you say that I am?”
    Luke 9:20 – “He said to THEM….”
    I love your thought process Disa, but as you can see here Jesus was addressing all the disciples not just one. The “YOU” is plural. He was looking for an answer from all 12. I personally think this is a great view of this encounter. I love the part about Silence. Probably because I have experienced and I have been on the silent side. Many times I didn’t have the guts to stand up when someone was wrong. whatever my excuse, not wanting to get involved, its not my fight, I respect both, whatever the reason I still should have stood up and made the statement. Jesus was not insecure. Whenever He questioned His disciples (and you see this all through the scriptures) Jesus would use it as a growth opportunity.

    this is what I love about the scriptures. There are so many truths that can come from just one text. I know that for me. I can read a portion of scripture in one season of my life and God will speak to me. I can read the same portion of scripture in another season of my life and God speaks something totally different and life changing.

    I would say that TD Jakes is experiencing some challenges with leaders around him. This season of his life God is using this passage to help him understand. Love the dialogue.

  6. Okay so now I have more questions 🙂 If the disciples can make mistakes around when to speak up and when not to; then what is really the point of calling them and others ‘silent disciples’? And if a leader is having challenges with leaders around him, then doesn’t this interpretation seem a bit self-serving. And did He build the church ‘on’ Peter or on the rock which is He is the Christ? And why in v20 does Jesus warn ‘them’ to keep silent of Him being the Christ (that still puzzles me); if He is stating ‘they’ did not speak up to the crowds. I can admit if I have totally missed a point. However, how do you determine Jesus’ point of asking the question was to address their lack of responses to what ‘others’ were saying? How do you detect ‘tone’ in written words? And how do you have many truth(s) to one context of scriptures? I thought there could be only 1 truth. Sorry for the long list of questions, but I am in a learning mode. Great dialogue here! And I am looking forward to this fall when our small groups dive more into the Word with the new studies and talking through context of scriptures and not just opinions. I love this stuff!!

  7. Ok, so I got it, when the CD’s from the conference come in, I will let you listen to this one. LOL! Maybe we just need to have our own little study and talk about it too! It was really good what he said. BTW, he is your old pastor, I am so telling him! Ha ha!

    Tomorrow I will blog about his other session that he did. It was really good too. I will be ready with questions then too! 🙂 Good stuff!

    I too am looking forward to this fall when we totally revamp the LDGs. Some good stuff is down the pike and I am loving it!

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