Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!


Ok so this was the second time I have gotten to hear T.D. Jakes in person, both times he rocked my world. He said so many amazing things that I want to share. I will share just a few things with you today and then I will share some more later when I have more time to blog. Please understand that he is speaking to a very small group of pastors. That might help to put some things in context for you.

-Your church is a reflection of your thinking.

-Diversity is essential for the body, imagine if you had six kidneys and no lungs. (Not just a black and white thing. He said in Africa they fight each other because people are from different tribes but they all have the same color skin. Stop thinking of black and white.) You need women leaders, you need rich folk and poor folk, you need different giftings in your church, you need different languages, you need different generations, you need different thinkers!!

-You better love your people. There are lots of pastors out there who love crowds but can’t stand people.

-People perceive pastors as always coming out of the phone booth with the cape on. They need to know we are ordinary people, God calls ordinary people.

-You get persecution from religious people. Sinners who want to change don’t persecute you, only the religious people who won’t change. They did it to Jesus; do you think they won’t do it to you too?

-Rugged places in life are what build a true resume.

-When you notice yourself getting mad at what someone had said about you, just remember it is really that you are hurt and you don’t want to admit it. It is easier to get mad than to admit at times that someone hurt you.

-Beware of silent disciples. It is not the Peter’s you have to worry about but the ones who say NOTHING!

-You may know the Word but if you don’t know the VOICE, it doesn’t much matter.

Ok there is so much more that I want to tell you about. I will have to put it in another blog though. Some points deserve to be elaborated upon like The Bishop did! Oh and yes I heard him say his famous, “Get ready, get ready, get ready!”

Which one of these spoke to you?


~ by pennymaxwell on June 25, 2009.

5 Responses to “Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!”

  1. Gotta know the Word and the voice. Good stuff.

  2. ooooh, that’s good! “You better love your people. Lot’s of {pastors} who love crowds but can’t stand people.” I know he was speaking to Pastor’s but that is good for EVERYONE! It’s all about the person, the individual.

    And….rugged places in life are what build a true resume. Thank God for that! I’m working on about page 10 of my resume right now! 🙂 OR at least it feels that way.

  3. “Beware of silent disciples. It is not the Peter’s you have to worry about but the ones who say NOTHING!”

    Oh boy, the devil is busy with these folks right now. And the truth is it’s not that they’re saying nothing; it’s that they’re only talking to each other.

  4. I don’t know if it is because its been a long day or if it just goes over my head but, can you break this down for me…Beware of silent disciples. It is not the Peter’s you have to worry about but the ones who say NOTHING!

    Thanks! lol…this will probaly be a DUH moment!

  5. Hey Rae, basically in that scripture Jesus asked the disciples, “Who do “THEY” say that I am?” Peter spoke up and told Jesus that there was a lot being said about him. Then Jesus says to him, “BUT who do YOU say that I am, Peter?” He began to talk about who the real Jesus is. Jesus asked all of the disciples the question. None spoke up but Peter. In life those who say nothing are often the ones to be concerned about. Did you notice a lot of people were talking about Jesus? The ones who don’t speak up and put an end to the lies are not real disciples. It is the old saying, “All that it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”

    I am going to do one whole blog on this topic alone. So don’t worry, Rae, I will cover it in detail! 🙂

    Hope this little bit makes sense though! Thanks for the question!

    Anyone else want to elaborate?

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